Noosa Bed and Breakfast

Noosa's range of B&B's is diverse, and caters for most tastes. From a Home Stay with the family, Private Self-contained cottages, wonderful Heritage properties, Guest houses to large Inns. Some are situated in Noosa's main centers, others in rural areas, and in the resort towns on the coast and hinterland.

Noosa takes pride in presenting such a fine range of properties. To help you plan, this is an outline of a few points.

Style of accommodation

Noosa Bed and Breakfast's properties are diverse in style but each meets an expectation of the visitor to the local area. Each property in the guide is clearly defined in the following categories:

  • The Traditional B&B is a two to three room residence with character where the owner will reside on the premises and breakfast is normally served.
  • The B&B Inn is an establishment of up to ten to twelve rooms, breakfast is available and the property might be managed in some instances.
  • The Rural Retreat offers seclusion and tranquility. The operator will normally reside on the premises while breakfast and sometimes an evening meal will be available. These properties may offer recreational facilities such as spas and swimming pools.
  • The B&B Cabin or Cottage is a popular destination for privacy and personal relaxation in a self-contained environment. Breakfast provisions are available if breakfast is not served on the property. The B&B Cabin or Cottage is often complimented by the availability of spa baths and personal luxuries.

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It is strongly recommended that a booking is made by email or by phone as most properties offer a small number of vacancies. Each property owner will outline the requirements for a deposit or confirmation.

Some definitions..

Noosa Bed and Breakfast properties will not offer a bathroom that is shared with the owner/operator. The definition of bathroom facilities are as follows:

  • Ensuite - An ensuite is an integral part of the guest's allocated room. The guest should not have to pass through any public area to access their ensuite.
  • Private bathroom - A private bathroom should normally adjoin the guests room and be available for the sole use of that particular guest/room.
  • Shared bathroom - A shared bathroom is shared by an agreed number of guests and should be screened to maintain privacy.


Most properties require a deposit with your booking. Please check at the time of reservation. B&B's are mostly private homes. Some do not accept credit cards. It is wise to ring ahead and confirm prices, availability and to reserve your accommodation.


Please let your host know if you have to cancel. They will have spent time preparing for you. Cancellation fee my apply.


The most suitable time to arrive is late afternoon, and to leave is before 10 in the morning. If you require an earlier check in time please make arrangements prior to your arrival.


Dial your local ISD + 61 + area code + local number Example: 07 XXXX XXXX becomes ISD + 61 7 XXXX XXXX


  • Ensuite and private bathrooms are for your use exclusively
  • Guest and share bathroom means you may share with other guests
  • Family share bathrooms means you will share with the family
  • 'Continental' breakfast consists of fruit, cereal, toast, tea/coffee; Full breakfast is the same with additional cooked course.
  • Do not try and travel too far in one day; take time to enjoy the company of your hosts and other locals.
  • If you would like dinner please give your hosts sufficient notice to prepare.
  • If you are unsure of anything ask your host it when booking; they will be happy to advise you.
  • If you have made your reservation from overseas, check that your dates are correct. You might cross the dateline to come to Australia.

Happy Travelling!!!