Noosa Accommodation

Experience the best holiday getaway on the sunshine coast

Noosa is famous for its tourist accommodation and rightly so. We have everything from five star resorts right down to caravan parks and backpacker accommodation and it's just here waiting for you. Whatever level of luxury and comfort your looking for in your accommodation you'll find it right here in Noosa.

Noosa's commitment to preserving the natural surroundings also means that many of our resorts, apartments, motels and holiday homes offer guests stunning views of the beach and waterways. With those incredible views right from your balcony or window you can kick back, unwind and shed the tensions and worries of the outside world

Much of the accommodation here in Noosa is within an easy walk of the beaches, restaurants and cafes so you're never far from the heart of the town and all the major attractions. Even when you do have to take your car it's not far to whatever you may want to see and experience.

Once you have experienced tourist accommodation in Noosa everything else will seem like second best.

If you're looking to be absolutely pampered, then enjoy the pleasure of any of the lovely Noosa resorts. Whether you're staying there with the family or on a romantic trip, you'll be truly satisfied. Most resorts have entertainment facilities, a pool, activities center, a bar and a restaurant to ensure that your vacation is as pleasant as possible. There are all types of accommodation to suit the traveler's specific needs and wants. Across the charming town of Noosa and its surrounding areas are Bed and Breakfasts. Most Bed and Breakfasts are set in a property so you can feel free to enjoy the intimacy and privacy of your own place. If a motel is more of what you want, choose from a range of motels from two to five stars! Whether you're seeking a weekend away or a full trip, a motel gives you a place to stay with all necessary amenities to make your holiday enjoyable.

And the best thing is the majority of accommodation types either have their own restaurants or are close by to restaurants. And if not, the accommodation is self contained so you can cater for yourself. Caravan parks and holiday apartments are best for families that want to retreat for the season. They are all self contained and are just like your home away from home.

Depending on what you want, Noosa has it all right here. You can choose what type of accommodation you are looking for:

  • Resorts: What makes resorts different from all other types of accommodation is the fact that they offer all basic amenities with much more! Most resorts usually offer a variety of accommodation including rooms, self contained apartments and bungalows. They also usually possess a pool, activities center, child caring team, restaurant, café, bar and sports facilities. Resorts are simply a world of their own and Noosa has a wonderful number of them!
  • Bed and Breakfast: Usually ideal for couples, the Bed and Breakfasts in Noosa and its surrounding areas are mostly situated in properties. It can range from a one private bungalow to an establishment that has a series of several rooms. The difference is that the service is more personal and you truly do feel like you are in the comfort of your own home. Although most are self contained, usually meals are provided. Some are complimented by sporting facilities or a pool or perhaps even a relaxing spa, but they all are charming in their own way.
  • Apartments: Boasting a fine range of apartment rentals, choosing to stay in this type of accommodation means that you are in control of all aspects of your trip. It is similar to living in your own home but in a completely different location. The apartments are self contained and offer privacy as you schedule your day and your meals around your lifestyle. Most of the apartments are within close range to Noosa and there is a variety of apartment choices depending on your budget and standard of living.
  • Backpackers: What better way to explore Noosa than at a backpacker hostel? You may have to live simply but that's compensated with the amount of exploring you do! All Noosa backpacker hostel are clean, comfortable and managed by great people who have no problem issuing you maps and telling you the perfect places to visit. You get to meet new people from all over the world and take on the challenge of exploring an unfamiliar place together! Backpacker hostels offer single rooms, double rooms and dormitory style accommodation with a choice of either private or shared bathrooms. Most usually have to share a kitchen or if not, a café is usually on the premises.
  • Cabins: Cabins are a traditional and great way to enjoy your vacation. Choose from a luxury cabin on a farm or stay in a simple one in a caravan park. Either way, you get to see the best of Noosa in regards to both nature and attractions. The cabins are well appointed and most are self contained. Giving you the freedom to take charge of your holiday in whatever pace you like, cabins are great for families, friends and couples.
  • Timeshares: The flexibility and variety of renting or owning timeshare is what draws so many people to these accommodations. As timeshare units come in all different sizes, they are the perfect fit for your Noosa vacation, whether you are enjoying a couples retreat, a getaway for the whole family or a weekend with friends. You will enjoy privacy, spacious rooms and different levels of amenities, depending on which timeshare resort you choose!