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Four-wheel driving evokes an intense feeling of bending the rules. Perhaps it’s the ocean breeze in your hair, the exhilarating thump you’ll feel traversing over mother nature’s malleable land. Or the freedom that comes with the control that makes four-wheel driving in Noosa an adventure you can’t miss.

The best 4WD desinations around Noosa

Heading up towards Noosa, one of the best destinations for four-wheel driving creates an adventurer’s ideal itinerary. Pack your camping gear, as you explore spots like; Double Island Point, the towering coloured sand cliffs of Rainbow Beach and Noosa North Shore . Continue onward to the southern entrance of Fraser Island for even further exclusive activities. Drive inland through bush and forest, or let the ocean guide your way on the coast.

4WD Tours

If you’d rather have someone else do the heavy lifting for you; arrange a guided tour through any number of 4WD Tour companies within Noosa and Tewantin. Some have packages to various locations to make sure you check each one off your bucket list.

Rules, regulations and safety

When four-wheel driving, it’s imperative that you pay attention to the rules and regulations surrounding the activity. Always check to see which beaches will require a permit, or visit Queensland Park and Wildlife Service Centre in Tewantin. A forestry map and some information will let you know about particular tracks and routes to guide your trip. Know and understand your vehicle; how it operates and how much fuel you’ll need to get to and from your destinations. As most of the four-wheel driving is on the ocean shores; pay attention to the tides and make sure you allow yourself enough time to get back to higher ground.

Four-wheel driving in Noosa acts like a gateway to the environment; allowing you the time to stop and fish, swim, or wander along the exquisite terrain that awaits you. Sticking to the Noosa North Shore area will give you more than enough to occupy your time; but should you choose to go further afield, Fraser Island is just a short ferry ride away.