With magnificent waves and a wide variety of different breaks, Noosa is home to some of the best surfing zones in Australia. It was made the 10th World Surfing Reserve in 2017 for its outstanding waves, surf spots, and surrounding environment. Surfers will delight in the stunning crystal clear water filled with marine life and surrounded by breathtaking views as far as the eye can see. From the delightful Sunshine Beach, right around the spectacular national park and as far as the North shore lies around 12km of tempting waves waiting to be surfed.

Noosa is renowned for longboarding, with some of the best longboarding breaks in the world. As a result, it has become the home of the Noosa Festival of Surfing, held annually in March to celebrate the sheer joy of longboarding. Not only that, but more recently Noosa has become the host of the World Surf League’s new event: The Noosa Longboard Open, thanks to the ideal longboarding conditions.

The open beaches are a fantastic place to start with plenty of waves for everyone. The waves are fast with lots of rips, so it’s only recommended for those who are both confident swimmers and surfers, although there are lifeguards on hand at Sunshine Beach if required.

 If you venture into the beautiful Noosa National Park, not only will you find sub-tropical rainforest, open woodland, and adorable koalas, but you'll also be treated to incredible point breaks with a picturesque backdrop. It is very rocky in some areas so it’s important to be careful, but it’s worth taking some time to watch the locals first in order to safely surf in pure paradise and even spot some turtles.

Across the river from Noosa Heads lies Noosa North Shore, consisting of long stretches of white sand, dunes, and idyllic coastline. Look out for dolphins as you explore this sensational surfing spot.

Noosa is a destination that demands a spot on every surfer’s bucket list, as well as everyone who wants to learn to surf. It’s a gorgeous environment with waves to delight beginners, professionals, and everyone in between. However, it’s advisable to always check conditions on the day to ensure that you’re in the best spot for your skill level. For those who want to learn to surf or improve their skills lessons are available, and for those who need to hire a surfboard, Noosa caters to you too.