Fraser Island

Over 40 km of sweeping sand beaches create the foundation upon which dazzling pastel coloured cliffs, sand dunes, lakes, and rainforests make up Fraser Island. Take respite in a wide range of accommodation options, including any of the eight campgrounds or various resorts along the island.

To get there, you can take a barge from Inskip Point or River Heads, or fly in on a small plane through Air Fraser Island. On the ferry, you can pay an additional fee to take a 4WD vehicle on Fraser Island, but permits may apply. Pay close attention to seasonal pricing and timetables that are subject to change.

View the island by land in a self-guided 4WD tour, or select from any of the various guided excursions that several tour companies will offer. Drive 75 Mile Beach alongside the thundering coast that stretches endlessly, paying attention to the tides and allowing for pit stops along the way. You'll embark on an exploration of rainforests, mangroves, and sand dunes that sit at the edge of coastal waters.

Inland you can explore Lake Mckenzie, a lake made entirely of rainwater surrounded by fine, white sand. Eli Creek is a popular destination for swimming in its clear waters. You’ll find Lake Wabby at the edge of Hammerstone Sandblow as the deepest lake on the island. If you’re strictly coastal, head to the bubbling Champagne Pools for an afternoon soak.

Take an aerial tour by plane to view the island and its forests, lakes, and sand dunes from above. Or opt for the ocean, and take a cruise or boat tour that will take you to some of the best whale watching. For the adventurous, take a tour at night navigating with the dingoes.

Fraser Island is a place that brings you back in touch with nature at a level of comfort thanks to the various rangers, resorts, and campgrounds that are there to guide you along the way. As the world’s largest sand island comprised of one of the most unique terrains, it's one that both locals and tourists will find a treasure to be cherished.