Peregian Markets

Kingfisher Dr, Peregian Beach QLD 4573
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Whether you’re heading to Noosa from Brisbane, or en route back home the other way, making a stop at Peregian Markets will leave your bags filled to the brim and a memory of the strong network that make up the town of Peregian Beach. For incredibly local fare, the Peregian Markets have been around welcoming locals and tourists into their community with goods, crafts, and festivities for families and individuals travelling through. 

The Peregian Markets take place every 1st and 3rd Sunday of the month. In months with five Sundays, an extra market will be held during the summer months. Reserved for early or late mornings, be sure to get there between 7 am and 12:30 pm. Centrally located, the market is held within the square of Kingfisher Park. Before you head to the markets, head to a cafe down the road for breakfast, or take a quick swim in the waters of Peregian Beach. 

If you decide to stay longer, you can make a day out of the markets as they transition into “Peregian Originals” a traditional concert. This longstanding event challenges local musicians to showcase their newest tunes with only original songs and lyrics. This is a popular excursion for families that want to settle down in the park, bringing a blanket and picnic goods purchased from the markets. 

The Peregian Markets are a truly local affair, with stalls and vendors showcasing upcycled or handmade goods tailored to their own flair. Find any number of fashionable streetwear, pottery, artwork, jewellery, and gifts. Local organic produce, and homemade pastries, bread, and pickled sauerkraut and other creations are commonly found to stock your pantry or find the perfect condiment you didn’t know you needed. 

As the market is right in town, you can extend your shopping experience into the boutiques, shops, and cafes in Peregian Beach. Nibble on homemade goods found at the market or pop into a gourmet inspired cafe for the ultimate breakfast or late lunch. Tourists often blend right in with the local community, as its thriving markets embrace lively energy that's bound to be contagious. 

Kingfisher Dr, Peregian Beach QLD 4573