Best swimming spots in Noosa

2 mins read

You’ve seen the photos and videos, the kind that leave you in a state of endless wanderlust, dreaming of dipping and floating in luxuriously turquoise waters. If you have the insatiable urge to find the very best swimming spots in Noosa, we have some tips on some dreamy locations to take a dip.

At first stick to the coast, as beaches often make natural segways for swimming spots that are just right. A little bit of saltwater and a lot of sand, one of the most famous places for a swim are the Fairy Pools located in Granite Bay. As these natural tide pools are dependent on the ocean, it is important to go when the tide was just right. There is a smaller pool on the west end that closes off from the ocean at low tide. We recommend grabbing a snorkel mask and having a play with the coral and rocks below. These pools sparkle just as they promise they will, but its recommended to go early in the morning if possible, as it was quite busy later in the day.

The next day, why not travel into the hinterland for some amazing lagoons and sneaky swimming holes. The first place to try is Artists Cascades in Conondale National Park, with a hefty 5km trail (both ways!) to get to it. Although the hike is tough, its makes you built up a sweat and the swimming is all the more worth it.

For a quicker dip, that’s more well-known, there is Serenity Falls in Buderim Forest Park. This is by far the best waterfall in the area, that cascades oh-so-perfectly into a rock pool with emerald waters.

Noosa has some of the most magical swimming spots that are easy to find. With so many nature reserves, crystal clear water, and close proximity to the beach and rivers its hard to choose the best swimming spots! Noosa will not disappoint where ever you go.