Noosa North Shore

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Noosa North Shore is home to lush forest, and golden sands stretched out over 80 kilometres. Just a short ferry ride across the Noosa River will take you to the popular camping grounds and expansive beach; where the forest meets the sea.

To access the coast from Noosa Heads, take the car ferry from Tewantin, which operates seven days a week. Surrounded by natural fauna and flora, Noosa North Shore is a snapshot of some of Australia’s most incredible scenery. With numerous campgrounds on Teewah Beach, the site is great for unwinding and making the most of the surrounding nature. Noosa North Shore brings travellers to its coastline for its incredible choice of surfing, fishing, bushwalking or four-wheel driving. Continue further north, and the beach stretches up to Double Island Point, then onwards to Rainbow Beach and the Inskip Point where you can access Fraser Island.

Noosa North Shore is the perfect place for a relaxing retreat. Explore the impressive four-wheel-drive tracks cutting through the bushland and navigate within the depths of the forest. Home to turquoise water and sandy beaches, you may even see pods of dolphins, humpback whales and native birdlife.

Take some time out to reconnect with nature and indulge in the pristine beaches and untouched landscape, all just stone’s throw from Noosa Heads.

Noosa North Shore

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Endless coastline

Noosa North Shore is a place where outdoor enthusiasts can rejoice. With beautiful white sand coastlines that stretch endlessly, your days will be filled with 4-wheel driving, hang gliding, fishing, and surfing. Just minutes north of Noosa, there are all kinds of adventures waiting for you.

Double Island Point

Remember some preparation before your trip, as only 4wd vehicles with a permit can gain access to the beach. Apply for a permit online by clicking here. Otherwise, use a 4wd rental service or book a guided tour before your trip. To get to North Shore, you’ll need to catch the Noosa North Shore Car Ferry, which departs at the end of Moorindil Street in Tewantin. A short 5-minute ferry ride will bring you access to the beach, which stretches from the Noosa River mouth to Double Island Point. Be wary of the tides; only travel at low tides to avoid getting stuck. We recommend a stop at Coloured Sands, stacked cliffs that stand some 200 metres high. Spend time here to 4wd on the beach, fish, or take in the spectacular views.

Carlo Sand Blow and Rainbow Beach

If hang gliding is your thing, you can head to Carlo Sand Blow at Rainbow Beach. For beginners, it’s advised to organise tandem hang gliding with adventure tours. For a less heart-pumping but equally venturous outing, opt for horseback riding or a walk up to Double Island Point Lighthouse. For access to Fraser Island, keep going past Rainbow Beach to Inskip Point, where you can catch a ferry from there. Several tour guides offer excursions from Noosa North Shore to these destinations.

As a day trip or a full-weekend getaway, Noosa North Shore offers an immersion in nature like no other. With tantalizing jumps from colourful cliffs to the endless exploration of the coastline amongst jaw-dropping waters, it’s easy to see why the journey to get to Noosa North Shore is totally worth it.