Stand up paddleboarding

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What’s SUP??!

Noosa has an abundance of beautiful national parks and delightful waterways; from the river, everglades to the coastline. Locals and visitors alike are always looking for exciting new ways to enjoy them. It’s easy to see why stand up paddleboarding (or SUPing) is quickly becoming a favourite water sport; not just in Noosa but all over the world. Not only does SUPing allow you to explore stunning waterways, but it’s also fun, relaxing, and good exercise. Many people love the fact that it’s an eco-friendly way to explore the water; leaving no trace and no damage behind. No need to worry if you’ve never paddle boarded before – it’s very easy to learn.

Strengthen your core!

Whilst many people enjoy stand up paddleboarding simply as a pleasant way to explore the natural environment; there are also many health benefits. Whether you’re SUPing along flat water or over waves, it promotes strength and balance. It provides a core workout ideal for cross-training as it works the legs, back, arms and core. Paddleboarding through nature also promotes relaxation and reduces stress. The best part is that you’ll be so busy enjoying your surrounds, that it won’t even feel like exercise!

Idyllic SUP locations

The tempting waterways of Noosa provide perfect places to paddleboard for beginners, intermediates, and pros. The calm waters of the magnificent Noosa River are ideal for first-time paddleboarders to learn skills and build their confidence; surrounded by native flora and fauna. Adventure to the pristine waters of Pelican Bay. Gaze on its turtles, mud crabs, and even dolphins as you drift across the flat turquoise water. The crystal clear lagoons of Double Island Point cater to all levels and offer a breathtaking backdrop as you float. For the more advanced paddle boarders amongst us; Honeymoon Bay is a wonderful place to paddle within the spectacular Great Sandy National Park.

Paddleboard hire is readily available in Noosa, as well as paddleboarding lessons, and guided tours. Whichever you choose, paddleboarding is the perfect way to see the picturesque waters of Noosa.