Travel Subsidy Package is Great News for Noosa!

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800,000 Half Price Flights to Popular Tourism Destinations including Noosa.

Finally, some good news in the Tourism Sector with Scott Morrison’s innovative travel subsidy! The $1.2 billion package is designed to stimulate the sector by promoting travel within Australia to a handful of regional areas, the Sunshine Coast is lucky to be one of them. Destinations once relying heavily on international tourism have been decimated by the Covid 19 pandemic; however, they can now see a glimmer of hope on the horizon. It is still unknown when international travel will recommence, with some talk of October; but nothing is certain, as is the way with this terrible virus. This investment into the industry is timely; as many people from the tourism sector receive job keeker, which is coming to an end on March 28th.

Which airlines will this apply to?

Qantas, Virgin, Jetstar and any other airline operating these routes for the past 2 years will be eligible. These airlines openly welcome the stimulus; and have the ability to put on many extra flights to the 13 destinations listed in the travel package. Some businesses worrying that the only beneficiaries will be the airline and not the hard-hit tourism operators and travel agents, but the PM has high hopes that this will greatly assist our economic recovery. More locations may be added once there has been time to assess the effects. 

When will the cheap flights be available and how to book?

Travellers will have the ability to book these discounted domestic flights directly through the airlines or through travel agents such as Flight Centre. 32,000 half-price flights per week will be released from April 1 to July 31 and advertising will start in the next few weeks. The main risk with these flights are the potential state border closures which are dependent on covid cases. Tourism Minister Dan Tehan has made a plea for a nationally consistent approach to using border closures and lockdowns as a last resort.

Getting to Noosa from Sunshine Coast Airport

Some flight routes to the Sunshine coast are to be discounted as part of the package, which is amazing news for Noosa. The Sunshine Coast airport is located in Maroochydore, which is a 28 km journey to Noosa. There are direct buses (620 0r 622) from the airport to Noosa Junction, which take 57 minutes. Other options include an airport shuttle bus, taxi or uber. 

Flight Routes Discounted to the Sunshine Coast
Sydney – Maroochydore
Melbourne – Maroochydore
Adelaide – Maroochydore