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Diversify your itinerary in Noosa with any number of activities that will have you relaxing in bliss, adventuring in nature, or finding your creative side. Noosa is an incredible destination for nature that remains practically untouched, an array of wildlife, and activities surrounding boating, fishing, horse riding and more.

If you want to take it easy, Noosa has the concept of laid-back nailed down to a “t”. With world-class golf resorts steps away from Hastings Street you can putt to green fairways amongst lush forests. Noosa also has some of the best spas with an array of massages and beauty treatments. There is something for everyone when it comes to tuning into their version of relaxation.

For the bold, adventure awaits thanks to the variety of terrain Noosa offers from beaches to bays, and national parks to the hinterland. Four-wheel driving around Noosa North Shore will give you some of the best experiences in connecting you to the land with an ultimate taste of freedom. Stop and fish on the Noosa River, any of the numerous bays surrounding the area, or head out to sea with a charter for some deep sea fishing and boating. Have a glance or book a tour to get a closer glimpse at whales that migrate to Noosa every year. Horse riding and other adventure tours in boating, sky diving, or scuba diving will have you spinning with excitement.

Culturally, Noosa is rich in the arts and culinary world. Throughout the town and surrounding areas, plan visits to museums and art galleries, as well as local markets to experience the work of local artists that have made their ways to both public and private galleries. Join in on the Food and Wine Festival that takes place every year in Noosa, or choose from others involving sports, music, and performance.

With some fine tuning, you can dial your Noosa trip to the level you love to experience your holiday at. Its terrain, culture, and quaint elegance inspires you to create memories around the very nature and art that makes Noosa such a memorable place to be.

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With magnificent waves and a wide variety of different breaks, Noosa is home to some of the best surfing zones in Australia. It was made the 10th World Surfing Reserve in 2017 for its outstanding waves, surf spots, and surrounding environment. Surfers will delight in the stunning crystal clear water filled with marine life and surrounded by breathtaking views as far as the eye can see. From the delightful Sunshine Beach, right around the spectacular national park and as far as the North shore lies around 12km of tempting waves waiting to be surfed.

Noosa is renowned for longboarding, with some of the best longboarding breaks in the world. As a result, it has become the home of the Noosa Festival of Surfing, held annually in March to celebrate the sheer joy of longboarding. Not only that, but more recently Noosa has become the host of the World Surf League’s new event: The Noosa Longboard Open, thanks to the ideal longboarding conditions.

The open beaches are a fantastic place to start with plenty of waves for everyone. The waves are fast with lots of rips, so it’s only recommended for those who are both confident swimmers and surfers, although there are lifeguards on hand at Sunshine Beach if required.

 If you venture into the beautiful Noosa National Park, not only will you find sub-tropical rainforest, open woodland, and adorable koalas, but you'll also be treated to incredible point breaks with a picturesque backdrop. It is very rocky in some areas so it’s important to be careful, but it’s worth taking some time to watch the locals first in order to safely surf in pure paradise and even spot some turtles.

Across the river from Noosa Heads lies Noosa North Shore, consisting of long stretches of white sand, dunes, and idyllic coastline. Look out for dolphins as you explore this sensational surfing spot.

Noosa is a destination that demands a spot on every surfer’s bucket list, as well as everyone who wants to learn to surf. It’s a gorgeous environment with waves to delight beginners, professionals, and everyone in between. However, it’s advisable to always check conditions on the day to ensure that you’re in the best spot for your skill level. For those who want to learn to surf or improve their skills lessons are available, and for those who need to hire a surfboard, Noosa caters to you too.

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Leave your worries and cares behind as you take in the breathtaking scenery of Noosa. It’s time to slow down and relax as you realise that you’re in paradise – and it only gets better. No visit to this beautiful area is complete without a walk along the postcard-perfect beaches, however, to get the most out of it may we recommend a leisurely stroll along the coastal track? This easy 7km return trip begins and ends on Noosa Main Beach and follows the coast, offering unrivalled views to those lucky enough to enjoy them. Discover hidden beaches and spot surfers, dolphins, turtles, and even humpback whales as you look out to the glimmering ocean; but don’t forget to look up – those fuzzy little koalas are too adorable to miss.

Just 15 minutes from Noosa Heads, Tewantin National Park offers an incredible walk up Mt Tinbeerwah. The first section of this 1km hike has pram and wheelchair access, allowing everyone to enjoy the delightful coastal views from the first lookout. Continue onwards to reach the fire tower lookout, where you will be treated to truly magnificent 360-degree views over Noosa, the pacific ocean, and the glasshouse mountains.

If you’re craving more astounding views, make your way to Mount Coolum national park to embark on the summit walk. This easy 1.6km return trip begins in the forest. As you venture to the top, take time to admire the endangered fauna species and the array of tropical birds gliding alongside. When you reach the top you will be rewarded with astounding views over the ocean and beyond as falcons fly overhead.

If you’re keen for more walking, then add Noosa National Park to your holiday bucket list. This magnificent area of outstanding natural beauty is a 15-minute walk from Hastings Street, and once in the park, you will be spoilt for choice by a large number of tempting scenic walks available, varying in distance and ranging from easy to moderate. Admire the exotic flora as you make your way through the sub-tropical rainforest, and pause to take in the unrivalled views of Noosa Beach and Sunshine Beach. Pack a picnic to enjoy in one of the many picnic areas in beautiful open woodland.

For a short, relaxing walk, look no further than Noosa River. Begin at the river mouth and wander along the winding paved footpaths, taking in the breathtaking views and local wildlife. The track will take you up to Gympie Terrace offering fun for all ages with sailboats, SUPs and much more, before leading you along the esplanade to the Tewantin Marina. On your way back make use of the free BBQs and cook some delicious dinner to enjoy whilst the sun begins to set over the beautiful scene in front of you, treating you to an exquisite view. Dip your toes into the river to cool off as you watch the rainbow lorikeets flocking to their roosting spots for the night.

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Inundated with crystalline waters everywhere you look, Noosa is a fisherman’s paradise thanks to the oceans, rivers, and lakes that make up its geography. Equally matched in marine biodiversity, fishing in Noosa will leave you in bounty while you simultaneously enjoy views both on land and offshore.


Fishing in Noosa is available year round, thanks to the incredible sub-tropical weather that keeps holiday goers and locals in optimal comfort while they cast away. Summer brings about incredible species like the Coral Trout and Marlin. In the winter, look forward to incredible reef fishing for variety in Snapper, Tailor, and Winter Whiting. Pay close attention to seasonal catches with the Queensland Department of Agriculture and Fisheries.


You can catch plenty on land, casting right from the rocks in bays like Little Cove, the shores of Noosa River, Webya Creek, or Laguna Bay. You’ll be happily surprised to find that areas like Noosa North Shore and Double Island Point also have large gutters that make beach fishing a breeze. For the larger catch, take a kayak through 40km of the Noosa River, catching everything from Flathead to Mud Crabs. Otherwise, head just 15km out to sea to the Noosa Bar for larger reef fish. Even further out Noosa has some incredible canyons for larger fish.


Many boating companies offer guided fishing tours to take you to local spots providing both training and knowledge about the type of fish and their habitats. Companies like the Noosa River Fishing Safari will take you through the river and river mouth. To explore beyond the shores, look to Fishing Offshore Noosa for chartered boats that will take you to the reef, deep-sea or into full game fishing. You’ll be exploring not just the marine life below but the stunning reefs and ecosystems that embody Noosa.


For the total fishing experience, save a few days in your itinerary to fish both land and sea, guided or unguided. Regardless of how you choose to fish, you’ll find the waters teeming with marine life that will give you an immense appreciation for the traditions that coincide with Noosa’s ecosystem.