Noosa Weather / Weather in Noosa

Weather in Noosa

Noosa, situated on Australia’s Sunshine Coast in the Sunshine State, lives up to its sunny reputation. Famous for its pleasant sub-tropical climate, Noosa offers mild temperatures and bright skies year-round, making it an ideal destination for any season. While consistent in its allure, the weather in Noosa does fluctuate seasonally, with variations in average temperatures, rainfall, sunshine hours, and water temperatures. This adds to the charm of visiting Noosa, as each season brings its unique flavour to this vibrant coastal town.

Current Weather in Noosa

Noosa Weather in Summer

Spanning December to February, summer in Noosa is its warmest season, peaking in January. During this time, daily temperatures average at a high of 29ºC, cooling to around 21ºC at night. Coinciding with summer, the wet season lasts from December to May. February experiences the highest humidity and rainfall, averaging about 189.8mm, so remember to bring an umbrella. The ocean is invitingly warm, with water temperatures hovering between 24-25ºC, perfect for swimming and water activities.

Noosa Weather in Autumn

Following summer, March-May make up the autumn months, which remain warm but still wet. Average maximum temperatures are approximately 28ºC in March, with lows of around 20ºC. By May, temperatures cool down to around 23-24ºC and average lows of 13-14ºC. With water temperatures still high in March, and dipping to around 22ºC by May, it’s still certainly warm enough for swimming.

Noosa Weather in Winter

Winter in Noosa runs from June – August, but don’t worry – it’s far from your textbook winter weather. Temperatures are still pleasant, with average highs of 21-22ºC and lows of 9.6-11.4ºC, so you may need warmer clothes for the evenings. On average, July is the coolest month of the year. Winter is much drier, with average monthly rainfall of around 64mm in July and 75mm in August. Not surprisingly, water temperatures also drop during these months, often to just below 20ºC in August.

Noosa Weather in Spring

Many see spring as the perfect time to visit Noosa, with warm, sunny days, clear blue skies, and minimal rainfall. Spring runs from September – November, with temperatures reaching 24-28ºC and dropping to 13-18ºC at night. Rainfall is lowest in September, at around 55mm, with October and November seeing slightly more (approximately 84-89mm per month). Water temperatures generally remain at a delightful 20-23ºC.

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