Marcus Beach

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Man and his dogs on Marcus Beach
Man and his dogs on Marcus Beach

Marcus Beach is a quiet residential suburb with a sandy dog friendly beach sandwiched between Peregian Beach and Castaways Beach. A quick 10-minute drive from Noosa Heads, Marcus Beach is an idyllic relaxation spot.

Marcus Beach - Dog Friendly Beach Noosa
Marcus Beach – Dog Friendly Beach Noosa

Where is Marcus Beach?

Located on the picturesque Sunshine Coast, Marcus Beach boasts an unspoiled stretch of sandy shoreline. Surrounded by lush coastal vegetation, this beach is within walking distance of Peregian Beach to the south and the scenic Castaways Beach to the north. The suburb itself is a peaceful residential area.

What to Expect

Visitors to Marcus Beach can expect a laid-back atmosphere and minimal crowds. Unlike its more famous neighbours, this beach remains relatively untouched and quiet, making it ideal for those who prefer a secluded spot to unwind. The beach’s natural beauty, with its golden sands and reliable waves, invites long walks with your pooch, sunbathing, surfing, kite surfing and swimming.

Silhouette of a Surfer Marcus Beach
Silhouette of a Surfer


Marcus Beach is all about simplicity and natural charm, so amenities are limited. No lifeguards are on duty, meaning swimming or surfing with caution is essential. Picnic areas, a shower and dog wash are available. There are no toilets, so if you need to go try Castaways Beach car park or Sunrise Beach both have toilet facilities. Additionally, the beach is dog-friendly, allowing your furry friends to join in the fun.

Nearby Facilities

Peregian Beach and Sunshine Beach offer a range of dog-friendly cafes and shops for those looking to explore beyond the beach. Grab a coffee and a treat for your pooch at places like the Hand of Fatima in Peregian Beach or The Deck at Sunshine Beach. These nearby spots allow one to enjoy local flavours and socialise with fellow pet lovers.

Tasman Trespasser Park - Parking
Tasman Trespasser Park – Parking

Need to Know

  • Location: Ample parking at Tasman Trespasser Park.
  • Facilities: Picnic benches, dog wash, water bowl, shower, but no toilets.
  • Dog-Friendly: Dogs are allowed off-leash from beach access points 38 – 47 (all the way to Castaways Beach).
  • Safety: Swim with caution due to the absence of lifeguards.

Final Thoughts

Marcus Beach is a serene escape perfect for those seeking peace. Its quiet atmosphere, dog-friendly policy, and proximity to charming local cafes make it an excellent choice for a relaxing day out. Whether you’re looking to soak up the sun, enjoy a leisurely walk, or explore the nearby amenities, Marcus Beach offers a delightful retreat from the everyday hustle.