Noosa Classic (currently postponed)

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Image Source: Dave Gleeson

Cycling Through Paradise: The Noosa Classic Experience

The Noosa Classic brings together cyclists from across Australia to cruise through the region’s picturesque beaches and expansive hinterland.

Image Source: Dave Gleeson

Choose Your Challenge: Three Courses for Every Level of Rider

The annual event is held in August and showcases some of Queensland’s astonishing and diverse scenery. With three different courses to choose from, cyclists will tour across the Noosa region. The Maxi Classic; which is the most difficult of the three, takes competitors on a 160-kilometre ride. The Challenge Classic is 120 kilometres, while the Social Classic at 45 kilometres; being an excellent introduction to the Noosa Classic series. Each year, several cycling enthusiasts opt to do all three courses. The event encourages riders to choose their own charity to support, instead of being focused on a single cause.

Image Source: Dave Gleeson

Event Essentials: What to Expect on the Day

Age restrictions apply depending on the distance. Participants must be at least 10 years old to enter the Social Classic. While the Challenge and Maxi Classic riders must be at least 12 years old and hold a Cycling Australia Race Licence. The Noosa Classic Event Village is where the rides kick-off and participants will complete a return trip. Each trail provides a rest stop with access to first aid, water, fruit and bathroom facilities. At the Event Village, there is entertainment, hot food and drinks, as well as storage available.

A Weekend in Noosa: More Than Just a Race

The Noosa Classic gathers cyclists from all corners of Australia, as well as overseas to experience the scenic trails. With the incredible dining and shopping options around Noosa too, it is an excellent excuse to book an extended stay with friends and family. Keep up to date with news on the Noosa Classic website.


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