Noosa River Pirate Playground

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Noosa River Pirate Playground
Noosa River Pirate Playground - Gympie Terrace

Family Fun Unleashed at the Playground

Ahoy, mateys! Set your course for the Noosa River Pirate Playground, a treasure trove of fun located on Gympie Terrace.

Here, little adventurers can climb, slide, and swing to their hearts’ content. Children can sculpt sandcastles with a sandy playground as their canvas or embark on high-seas adventures without ever leaving the shore. Meanwhile, parents can kick back on nearby benches or picnic tables, coffee in hand, vigilantly watching their little pirates conquer new lands.

Splash and Play by the River

The Noosa River offers a gentle, inviting backdrop to this bustling playground. Kids can paddle in the shallow, warm river waters. They can also play soccer or frisbee on the grassy areas.

Pirate Park Noosa - Park with a view
Pirate Park Noosa – Park with a view

Zoom Around the Playground

Got a little speedster in your crew? The flat, open spaces of Pirate Park Noosa (Noosaville Lion Park) are ideal for scooting around on skateboards or scooters. Itโ€™s a wonderful way for kids to explore every nook of the park while parents have a moment to themselves to enjoy the serene river views.

Make a Day of it by Using the BBQ Facilities

There are several BBQ facilities located around the pirate park Noosa for visitors to enjoy. These facilities typically include picnic tables, grills, and sometimes even covered pavilions for shade. Visitors can bring their own food and supplies to cook up a delicious meal while enjoying the outdoor atmosphere of the park.

A Refreshing Dip and Scenic Rides

After working up a sweat on the playground, families can cool down with a dip in the refreshing waters of the Noosa River. For a change of scenery, hop on the Noosa Ferry at the Yacht Club and set sail to the Noosa Marina. This scenic ride offers breathtaking views of the lush landscape and glistening waters, creating lasting memories.

Pirate Park Noosa - Park with a view

Explore Noosa Marina

The adventure doesnโ€™t stop at the playground! Once you disembark at Noosa Marina, wander through quaint shops and boutiques for unique souvenirs. Cap off your day with a scrumptious meal at one of the waterfront restaurants, where you can dine al fresco as the sun sets over the river.

If you live in Noosa or are just visiting, the Noosa River Pirate Playground is a fun place to be. You can play outside, do water activities, and also go shopping and eat nearby. It’s a place where family memories are made and cherished.

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