The Best Fish and Chips in Noosa

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A plate of calamari and chips - Best Fish And Chips in Noosa
Best Fish And Chips in Noosa

When exploring Noosa’s fish and chips scene, you will be delighted to discover three top spots offering unique charm and flavours for seafood lovers. Whether you are craving traditional fish and chips served in a casual beachside setting or looking for a more upscale dining experience with a creative twist on classic dishes, Noosa has something for everyone.

Noosa Harbour Fish Market

The Noosa Harbour Fish Market does some of the best fish and chips in Noosa and is located at the entrance to Noosa Marina. It has a beautiful outdoor area and a varied menu. People love their fresh battered fish, salads, and a cheeky beer or pinot grigio. It’s a great place for a meal by the water with some live music at the weekend.

Noosa Harbour Fish Market offers a wide range of seafood choices. These include oysters, crabs, and different types of fish.

The chef at this restaurant can cook the fish in various ways, such as crumbed, battered, or grilled. They also serve chip shop favourites, burgers, and salads for everyone to enjoy.

This place is special because it focuses on local flavours, including craft beers, ice creams, and soft drinks. The restaurant offers a variety of ways to cook the fish, such as crumbed, battered, or grilled. They also have chip shop favourites, burgers, and salads.

Location: 2 Noosa Marina, 2 Parkyn Court, Tewantin

Tewantin Fish & Chips

This establishment, emerging as a formidable contender, has a reputation for serving Noosa’s best fish and chips. Patrons appreciate the generous servings, particularly the desserts and fries.

Enjoy fresh fish and generous portions at Tewantin Fish & Chips on Noosa Road. With its environmentally friendly newspaper packaging, this place lures in both the eco-aware and the ravenous crowd. If you want to try really good seafood that everyone is talking about, go to Tewantin. You’ll have a delicious meal that will taste amazing!

Location: 141 Cooroy Noosa Rd, Tewantin

Noosa Boathouse

Noosa Boathouse shines by serving some of Noosa’s best fish and chips, floating on the tranquil tides of the Noosa River. Enjoy a plate of delicious fish and chips here on the green outside whilst watching a glorious sunset.

Order and receive your meal from a hole in the wall of Noosa Boathouse. Sit back and relax under the stars. As the live tunes set the rhythm, your taste buds dance to the beat of fresh, flaky fish paired with chips that are a crisp echo of the sparkling vistas.

Noosa Boathouse provides a cosy atmosphere for every meal. You can enjoy a casual lunch with pelicans nearby or a fancy dinner under the stars. Noosa’s heartbeats and bellies happily fill this spot with its peerless seafood and idyllic setting.

Noosa Boathouse - Best Fish and Chips Noosa
Noosa Boathouse – Best Fish and Chips Noosa

Location: 194 Gympie Tce, Noosaville

Noosa’s top fish and chip spots promise a feast for the palate and the soul, whether it’s the charming marina views, eco-friendly practices, or riverside melodies.