A guide to Noosa North Shore

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Teewah Beach – Endless coastline

Noosa North Shore is the gateway to Teewah Beach and the Great Sandy National Park beyond. The pretty beaches have lots of fun things to do, like four-wheel driving, hang gliding, fishing, camping, and surfing all day long. Just minutes north of Noosa, there are all kinds of adventures waiting for you.

Teewah Beach runs from Double Island Point to the Noosa River and is a remarkable 51-kilometre expanse. Teewah sits in the Cooloola region and alongside K’gari (Fraser Island), makes up the Great Sandy National Park.

Tyre tracks on Noosa North Shore - Teewah Beach

This beach is not just a natural marvel but also a designated roadway under Queensland legislation. It is an important route for 4WD fans going to Rainbow Beach and Fraser Island. It is also a popular spot for bush campers looking for a genuine beachside wilderness adventure.

History and Intrigue of Noosa North Shore

The Cherry Venture shipwreck previously punctuated the beach’s historical allure. This Singapore-registered cargo ship met its fate in 1973, with its remnants removed in 2007 to safeguard the flocking tourists.

The Teewah Coloured Sands on the beach have tall sand cliffs up to 200 meters high. They create a beautiful landscape with colors made by iron oxide and vegetable dyes.

But when people use the beach for fun and driving, it can cause problems for the environment and safety. It’s important to find a balance between enjoying nature and staying safe.

4WD to Double Island Point

Remember some preparation before your trip, as only 4wd vehicles with a permit can gain access to the beach. Apply for a permit online by clicking here. Otherwise, use a 4WD rental service or book a guided tour before your trip.

To go to North Shore, take the Noosa North Shore Car Ferry from Moorindil Street in Tewantin. A 5-minute ferry ride will give you access to the beach, which stretches from the Noosa River mouth to Double Island Point.

Timing can be a bit of a moving target, primarily influenced by the sand’s mood and the tides’ whims. Under ideal conditions, with the sand firm and your 4WD game strong, you might make the trip in about 2 hours. However, this is no race! The journey is as much about the experience as the destination.

Don’t forget, the tides don’t wait for anyone. It’s important to plan your drive around low tide to avoid getting stuck or blending in with the beach. Also, the area’s environmental sensitivity and the presence of other beach-goers mean that speed and caution are key. So, pack a sense of adventure, check the tide charts, and set off on a journey where the journey itself is a destination.

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Noosa North Shore Retreat

On your way to the beach, you will come to Noosa North Shore Retreat, which is well worth a stop off, or you can choose to stay here. This is a great base to explore Teewah Beach and is a sanctuary of relaxation on the North Shore QLD.

This family-friendly destination is perfect for those looking to stay at a North Shore caravan park or indulge in the comfort of Noosa North Shore cabins. Noosa Retreat Camping, with amenities such as a bouncy pillow, climbing wall, and crazy golf, makes entertaining children and the young at heart easy.

The Retreat serves delicious pub meals in a lively beer garden. Dining there is a great way to relax after a day of exploring at the campground. You don’t have to be staying here to enjoy the North Shore Tavern. Children can enjoy themselves at the play park whilst parents enjoy a cold drink and a meal.

The General store has all the camping essentials and things you may need for a day of adventuring. This includes beach supplies and everyday items. The Retreat has a car wash and tire refill station, making it convenient for beachgoers and wilderness explorers. It offers the authentic North Shore QLD experience.

Carlo Sand Blow and Rainbow Beach

If hang gliding is your thing, you can head to Carlo Sand Blow at Rainbow Beach. Beginners should organize tandem hang gliding with adventure tours. Opt for horseback riding or a walk up to Double Island Point Lighthouse for a less heart-pumping but equally venturous outing.

To access Fraser Island, pass Rainbow Beach to Inskip Point, where you can catch a ferry from there. Several tour guides offer excursions from Noosa North Shore to these destinations.

As a day trip or a full weekend getaway, Noosa North Shore offers an immersion in nature. The journey to Noosa North Shore is worth it with its colourful cliffs, endless coastline exploration, and stunning waters.