Laguna Lookout

3 mins read

Breath taking views!

They say things look better up above; a trip to Noosa wouldn’t be complete without heading to the hilltop for breathtaking views at Laguna Lookout. Imagine this: sweeping panoramic views of the Noosa hinterland, the sparkling ocean, and the Glasshouse Mountains off to the distance. While most tourists flock to Laguna Lookout for sunset, we think it looks stunning at any time of day. Whether it’s five minutes or a few hours; this place is bound to leave an imprint on your time spent in Noosa.

Getting there

You can access Laguna Lookout one of two ways. The easiest, most accessible route is a 5-minute drive from Noosa directly to the lookout via Viewland Drive. There is a car park located right at the end of the street. Ideal for those with large families, or anyone wanting to snap a quick picture before continuing on their journey. The second route can be taken walking from the town-centre up a 1.3km circuit. The path is well-maintained, but not sealed in all spots.

Identify landmarks across the region

When you reach the top of the hill; you’ll find the lookout point constructed of two, large concrete circles that are fenced in. The pavement makes it so that they are both wheelchair and pram accessible. At the centre, use the dial to navigate the various mountains and geographical features that stand before you. Come prepared, as there aren’t any chairs, tables or toilets within the vicinity.

Take a picnic!

The spot is, however, ideal for a picnic thanks to a grassy hillside that sits alongside the lookout. Grab takeaway, a blanket, and a bottle of wine for a spectacular setting during the afternoon or sunset. At sunset crowds can overwhelm the area during high season; but with views as gorgeous as they are, it won’t disappoint.

All the way up top you’ll soak in sights of waterways below, the hinterland, and mountains that tower above. While looking up, some have been known to sight a koala or two. Perhaps the pinnacle of a trip to Noosa, you’ll want to stop and see Laguna Lookout.