Laguna Lookout

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Breathtaking views!

People often say things look better from above because you can see the bigger picture when you have a bird’s eye view. A visit to Noosa isn’t complete without going to Laguna Lookout for stunning views from Noosa National Park. Picture looking at panoramic views of Noosa Hinterland, the pretty Noosa River, and the distant Glass House Mountains’ volcanic peaks.

While most tourists flock to Laguna Lookout for sunset, we think it looks stunning at any time of day. To enjoy natural beauty from this vantage point when its quiet, why not try catching sunrise early in the morning. This Noosa Lookout will leave an imprint on your time spent in Noosa Heads, whether it’s five minutes or a few hours.

couple standing taking in breathtaking view at Laguna Lookout
Laguna Lookout

Trek, Pedal, or Cruise to Laguna Lookout!

On Foot: The Stairway Challenge

Embark on a mini-adventure from the bustling Hastings Street. Strap on your most comfortable sneakers for a 1.2km uphill escapade through the enchanting Yanaman Bushland Reserve. Warning: it’s not just a walk in the park! With steps aplenty, this route tests your stamina. Wheelchair adventurers, this trail might not be your cup of tea, but stay tuned for other ways to soak in the views!

By Bike: Pedal Power with a View

Fancy a two-wheeled challenge? Start your journey on the shared pathways, where the breeze is your companion. As you approach Viewland Drive, gear up for a thrilling ascent. It’s steep, folks, so pedal with gusto and caution! The reward? Stunning vistas that make every drop of sweat worth it.

By Car: The Scenic Route

More of a laid-back explorer? Drive 1.3km to the very end of Viewland Drive, where stunning views await with minimal effort. It’s the perfect option for those who prefer to soak in the beauty without breaking a sweat. Just remember, the road is as steep as the tales you’ll tell, so drive safely!

Find a useful map here.

No matter your mode of transport, Laguna Lookout promises breathtaking views that are well worth a visit. So Let the stunning Sunshine Coast landscape unfold before you!

Laguna Lookout

Identify landmarks across the region

When you reach the top of the hill, you will find the lookout point with two large concrete circles that are fenced in. The pavement makes it so that they are both wheelchair and pram accessible. At the centre, use the dial to navigate the various mountains and geographical features that stand before you. Come prepared, as there aren’t any chairs, tables or toilets nearby.

Take a picnic!

Laguna Lookout Noosa is ideal for a picnic thanks to a grassy hillside that sits alongside the lookout. Grab a takeaway, a blanket, and a bottle of wine for a spectacular setting during the afternoon or sunset. At sunset crowds can overwhelm the area during high season; but with views as gorgeous as they are, it won’t disappoint.

Up top, you’ll soak in sights of waterways below, the hinterland, and mountains that pop out on the horizon. While looking up, some people have spotted a koala or two. Perhaps you’ll want to stop and see Laguna Lookout at the pinnacle of a trip to Noosa.