Hastings Street Noosa

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The hub of Noosa, Hastings Street, is the scene to be seen. A mecca for the luxe, this street was made for wandering in and out of boutiques and surf shops. It’s easy to sit for hours in cosy cafes. Soak in the vibe and views of the ocean or headland just meters away.

hastings street noosa shops
Hastings street, Noosa shops

Shopping on Hastings Street

Hastings Street in Noosa is a vibrant shopping destination that epitomizes beachside elegance. It offers a rich array of options to suit every preference and budget. Exclusive boutiques like Deus Noosa and Husk showcase a mix of local creativity and renowned brands. Specialised shops such as Feet First Footwear and the diverse offerings at Paradise Lifestyle allow visitors to explore everything from high-end fashion to essential beach gear. The street also boasts unique finds in art galleries and speciality stores like Hart and Huntington Tattoo Company, making it ideal for those seeking a laid-back yet luxurious Noosa lifestyle.

First Feet Footwear - Hastings Street Noosa Shops
First Feet Footwear – Hastings Street Noosa Shops

Food and Drink on Hastings Street

Begin your Noosa journey on the lively Hastings Street with a morning coffee and breakfast at Boardwalk Bistro. Delicious eats are generously paired with picturesque views, setting the tone for a day of exploration and indulgence.

Boardwalk Bistro Noosa
Boardwalk Bistro Noosa

After your morning adventures on Hastings Street, reevaluate to Aromas café not just for their coffee but for an unexpectedly vibrant afternoon scene. Transforming from a bustling coffee hub in the morning, Aromas café becomes a laid-back oasis in the afternoon. Here, you can unwind with an array of enticing cocktails, each crafted with a creative twist. The ambiance is enriched by live music that serenades you as you relax. It’s the ideal spot to soak in the Noosa vibe and watch the world go by. It’s a perfect transition from day to evening, blending the casual with the sophisticated in true Noosa style.

As the day winds down, consider Seasons Restaurant for an evening meal. It’s known for its beachfront setting and a menu that celebrates local produce. If you’re in the mood for something different, Sails Restaurant offers a sophisticated yet relaxed setting with panoramic ocean views. Their menu, rich in fresh seafood and seasonal ingredients, paired with an impressive wine list, ensures a memorable dining experience. Both venues serve as perfect backdrops to conclude a day filled with Noosa adventures.

Health and Fitness

Enjoy something more active by walking in Noosa National Park, having a swim at Noosa Main Beach; or stretching your muscles at Noosa Flow for a blend of yoga and pilates. Afterwards, it won’t take long to stumble into boutiques like Alterior Motif, Signature on Hastings; and for the surfers, Noosa Longboards, for apparel and gifts that ooze a laid-back appeal. Or, you can join the locals at Noosa Farmers’ Market every Sunday from 7am to noon; for fresh local produce and goods.

View of Alexandria Bay in Noosa National Park.

Self Care and Spa’s

Find respite by indulging in some self-care by booking yourself in at the Aqua Day Spa; a facial, massage, or both (we won’t judge). Then, head back to any of the incredible resorts or hotels to choose from located right on Hastings Street. Favourites include the Sheraton for villas and suites, the Mantra French Quarter, or the Seahaven Noosa for an ocean view.

Noosa Nightlife on Hastings Street

A day on Hastings Street isn’t truly wrapped up until you’ve enjoyed a nightcap at Miss MoneyPenny’s. Here, you can unwind with a creatively crafted cocktail, embracing Noosa’s nightlife’s laid-back yet sophisticated essence. Alternatively, for a different vibe, head over to Moonstruck Gin Bar. This spot is a haven for gin enthusiasts, boasting an extensive selection of gins to tantalize your taste buds. Whether you crave a classic G&T or something more avant-garde, Moonstruck has you covered. It provides a chic backdrop to savor the finer things in life on Hastings Street.