Noosa National Park

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Noosa National Park: Paradise for Nature Lovers

Noosa National Park remains one of the most idyllic destinations, featuring turquoise waters against a backdrop of pandanus trees. Attracting approximately 1 million visits annually, it’s a top destination for travelers seeking paradise. This national park offers something for both thrill-seekers and sunbathers to cherish. It consistently ranks as a premier choice for those looking to explore natural beauty.

Where is Noosa National Park?

Located just 160km north of Brisbane, Noosa National Park is nestled on the Sunshine Coast. It is divided into four sections: the Headland Section, Peregian Section, Emu Mountain Section, and the East Weyba Section. Start your journey into the national park at the Headland Section at the end of Park Road.

Emu Mountain Section of Noosa National Park
Emu Mountain Section of Noosa National Park

The Coastal Track is a must-do

Be sure to visit the information centre, where you’ll find trail maps and water. Here, you might also spot a koala or two! The most popular trail is the 5.4km Coastal Track that winds along the beach. It features stopping points to view dolphins and breaching whales during their migration season from August to November. Up until Dolphin Point, the trail is paved for wheelchair and stroller access before turning into a dirt track.

Noosa coastal walk

View Points Along the Way

Weave your way through Noosa National Park to Boiling Pot first on the trail, famous for its views of Tea Tree Bay. Then, go onward to Dolphin Point and Granite Bay for picturesque views and swim in delicate tidal pools, more famously known as ‘fairy pools’. If you do decide to take a dip, be cautious as the beaches are not patrolled and currents can be unpredictable.

Exploring Hells Gate and Alexandria Bay

A lengthier hike of 5.2k round trip will take you to Hell’s Gate, an immense sandstone cave where you can watch for turtles that often swim in this area. Even further, a more secluded Alexandria Bay, also known for its unmarked nudist beaches at the most southerly end, still sits.

Hells Gate Noosa National Park
Hells Gate

So Much Beauty in One Place

Noosa National Park provides an escape for everyone seeking to experience the best of Australia’s wildlife and ocean views. With rainforests sitting at the edge of pristine beaches in one of the most accessible national parks, you’ll fully immerse in its beauty the moment you set foot on the trail.

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