Noosa Walks

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Step into the enchanting world of Noosa Walks, where the azure waves meet golden sands and lush greenery cradles breathtaking vistas. This coastal haven invites you to unwind and immerse yourself in its natural splendour. From leisurely strolls along the pristine Noosa Coastal Track to the panoramic heights of Mount Coolum, Noosa beckons with open arms.

Whether you’re wandering the lush paths of Tewantin National Park, exploring the diverse ecosystems of Noosa National Park, or enjoying a serene walk by the Noosa River, each step uncovers a new slice of paradise. Let the symphony of crashing waves enchant you. Listen to the ancient forests’ gentle whispers. Embrace the river’s tranquil flow, all coming together to craft the ideal outdoor sanctuary.

Noosa Coastal Track

  • Distance 5.25km
  • Starting at Noosa Main Beach
  • Moderate

Leave your worries and cares behind as you take in the breathtaking scenery of the Noosa coastline. It’s time to slow down and relax as you realise that you’re in paradise – and it only gets better. No visit to this stunning area is truly complete without a walk along the postcard-perfect beaches. For an enhanced experience, we suggest a leisurely stroll along the coastal track. This easy 5.2km round trip starts and finishes at Noosa Main Beach, meandering along the coast to Hells Gate, where unrivalled views await.

Noosa coastal track running alongside the Pacific Ocean  - noosa walks
Noosa coastal track running alongside the Pacific Ocean

Discover hidden beaches and spot surfers, dolphins, turtles, and even humpback whales as you gaze out at the glimmering Pacific Ocean. But don’t forget to look up – the sight of those adorable, fuzzy koalas is one you won’t want to miss. Look out for other tourists huddled at the bottom of gum trees; this is a sure-fire way to find Koalas.

Mount Tinbeerwah Lookout

  • Distance 1km
  • Starting from Mount Tinbeerwah Road Car Park
  • Easy

Just 6km from Tewantin, Tewantin National Park offers an easy walk up Mt Tinbeerwah. To find the car park, follow signs for the lookout of Mount Tinbeerwah Road. The first section of this 1km hike is accessible by pram and wheelchair, welcoming everyone to savor the delightful coastal views from the initial lookout. As you proceed, the path leads to the fire tower lookout. Here, you’re rewarded with magnificent 360-degree views over Noosa, the Pacific Ocean, and the Glasshouse Mountains.

The view from Mt Tinbeerwah on Noosa Walks
The View from Mt Tinbeerwah

Mount Coolum

  • Distance 1.6km
  • Starting from Mount Coolum Car Park, Tanah Street West
  • Moderate (steep in places)

If impressive views and a solid workout are what you’re after in Noosa, head to Mount Coolum National Park. There, you can embark on a rewarding trek to the summit of Mt Coolum. Just 3.5km from Coolum Beach, Mount Coolum car park is accessed from Tanah Street West (off David Low Way).

Mt Coolum is actually an extinct volcano formed 26 million years ago. Much like the Glass House Mountains, a volcanic plug is all that remains of the volcano. The plug, or volcanic neck, formed when volcanic magma hardened within the volcano. After millions of years of erosion, we are left with the Mt Coolum we see today.

Aerial view over Mount Coolum - Noosa Walks
Aerial view over Mount Coolum

The walk to the summit is steep but manageable, covering a 1.6km return journey that starts in the forest of Mt Coolum National Park. As you ascend, take a moment to appreciate the diverse flora and fauna surrounding you. Keep an eye out for the array of tropical birds that glide alongside you on your climb.

At the top, take in breathtaking views of the sparkling Pacific Ocean. Once you’ve completed your walk, return to the car park. What better way to cool off than with a much-needed fresh juice from the Mountain Juice and Coffee stand?

Noosa National Park

  • Distance from 1.1km – 10.8km
  • Starting from Noosa National Park Day Use Area
  • Easy to Moderate

If hiking trails and walking boots are your holiday essentials, Noosa National Park should be high on your destination list. Located just a short distance from the lively Hastings Street, it’s only a 15-minute walk away. This park is a true treasure trove of natural beauty.

Getting to the park is usually hassle-free. However, a tip for the wise: parking at the National Park car park can sometimes be challenging. Our hot tip? Aim for an early bird start to your adventure to snag a good spot.

The headland of Noosa National Park - Noosa Walks
The headland of Noosa National Park

The real magic begins once you’re within the park’s embrace. You’re spoiled for choice with a variety of scenic walking trails that cater to all levels of fitness and adventure. Whether you’re up for a leisurely walk or a more challenging trek, there’s a path that’s just right for you.

Let’s dive into the myriad of trails awaiting your discovery:

  • Palm Grove Walk (1.1km return): Ideal for a quick nature fix, this walk introduces you to the lush sub-tropical rainforest that makes Noosa National Park a standout.
  • Tanglewood Walk (8km return): Immerse yourself in the serene beauty of the park on this longer journey, perfect for those wanting to stretch their legs amidst nature.
  • Noosa Hill Walk (2.8km return): Challenge yourself with this climb to enjoy panoramic views that are well worth the effort.
  • Coastal Walk (10.8km return): This path offers breathtaking ocean vistas and the chance to dip your toes in the water at iconic spots like Tea Tree Bay, Granite Bay, and Alexandria Bay. BarrierFree Path: This accessible route ensures everyone gets to experience the beauty of Dolphin Point, with only minor gradients in certain sections.
  • Alexandria Bay Walk (4.2km return): A moderate walk that rewards you with the secluded sands of Alexandria Bay — a perfect spot for a peaceful swim.
Noosa Walks - Noosa Headland

To find a map of the walking trails in Noosa National Park click here.

For adventurous people, consider the trek from Noosa Heads to Sunshine Beach. Spanning 10.8km, this journey offers rewarding vistas and experiences. If you prefer a lighter return, consider catching a bus back. Remember, bringing along a picnic enhances the experience, allowing you to relish the views from numerous tranquil spots.

Each trail serves as a gateway to the area’s unique flora and fauna. From towering Queensland brush box trees and vibrant banksias to majestic giant kauri pines, the diversity is astounding. The occasional koala, dolphin or whale spotting adds an extra thrill to your walk.

Koala sits in a eucalyptus tree in Noosa National Park
Koala sits in a eucalyptus tree in Noosa National Park

Whether you’re an experienced hiker or seeking a tranquil walk in nature, Noosa National Park’s trails are ready to make your holiday memorable. But don’t just take our word for it. Lace-up your boots, step out, and allow Noosa’s natural beauty to speak for itself.

Noosa River

  • Distance 3.3km
  • Starting from Mill Street
  • Easy

For a short, relaxing walk, look no further than Noosa River. Begin at Mill Street, at the beginning of Gympie Terrace. Wander along the flowing paved footpaths, taking in the breathtaking views and watching the boats sail by.

Noosa River - Noosa Walks
Noosa River

The walk will take you along Gympie Terrace, which runs parallel to the Noosa River. Offering fun for all ages with pontoons, SUPs and kayaks available to hire. Pause for your caffeine fix at one of the many coffee shops along Gympie Terrace. Alternatively, grab a bite to eat at one of the inviting restaurants in the area.

On your way back, take advantage of the free BBQs to whip up a delicious dinner. Enjoy your meal as the sun sets over the dazzling blue Noosa River. Why not dip your toes in and watch the rainbow lorikeets flocking to their roosting spots for the night?

If you want a longer walk, you could start at Noosa Marina, which has ample parking.

Explore Noosa’s stunning landscapes with various captivating walks, ranging from scenic coastlines to majestic mountain views and lush national parks. The serene Noosa River also offers tranquil paths for leisurely strolls. These trails represent just a handful of the many options available, each promising a memorable adventure that will have you craving more.