Noosa Thriller: Adventure Awaits

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Noosa Thriller at full speed
Noosa Thriller Adventure

How It All Began

Noosa Thriller has been making waves since 2004, and in late 2022, it found a new helm under Brent and Min Milne. With 30 years in marine-based businesses, Brent and Min are ocean enthusiasts eager to share their love for the sea with everyone. They’ve renovated the Noosa Thriller boat and revamped their booking office and gift shop at the Boathouse Restaurant on Gympie Terrace, near the picturesque Noosa River.

360 degree turn with The Thriller Crew

Thrilling Tours on Offer

Noosa Thriller Ocean Adventure Tour

Get ready to ride the waves with the Noosa Thriller Ocean Adventure Tour! Experience the adrenaline rush of wave-jumping, ocean swell surfing, 360-degree turns, and figure-eights.

This tour offers stunning Sunshine Coast views with Noosa National Park as the backdrop. It’s not just about the view but the chance to see abundant marine life. With a maximum of 12 passengers, this intimate tour on our jet boat promises high-octane thrills and complete safety, meeting all maritime standards. 

Noosa National Park with surfers in the ocean
Noosa National Park

Noosa Thriller Dolphin Safari

Explore Noosa’s Headland and encounter playful local resident dolphin pods on the Noosa Thriller Dolphin Safari. This tour is a favourite among locals and international travellers, featuring highlights like Tea Tree Bay, Granite Bay, Hell’s Gates, the Noosa Fairy Pools, Paradise Caves, and Sunshine Beach. Running from November to July, this safari offers panoramic views and padded seating on our purpose-built boat “Thriller.”

Noosa's Dolphins Pods
Noosa’s Dolphins

Noosa Whale Watch

Witness the majestic Humpback Whales on a Noosa Whale Watch tour. Every winter, over 30,000 Humpback Whales migrate from Antarctica to Australia’s East Coast. From July to October, join us for an unforgettable experience watching these gentle giants breach and splash. Our boat “Thriller” ensures everyone has a front-row seat to the action.

Visitors close up to a humpback whale
Dreams are made with close-up whale encounters

Key Details for a Smooth Sailing

Minimum Age Requirement:

Children are generally recommended to be at least six years old, but parents can consult us for specific concerns.

Tour Duration:

The Ocean Adventure and Dolphin Safari lasts 1.5 hours, while the Whale Watch tour is a 2-hour spectacle.

Safety Measures:

Your safety is a priority. The Thriller Noosa boat follows strict national rules and is driven by a skilled captain, guaranteeing a fun and safe trip.

Experience the Magic of Marine Life:

Imagine dolphins frolicking alongside the boat or whales breaching close enough to splash you. The tours provide close encounters with amazing creatures, led by an experienced skipper with 30 years of marine knowledge.

Sightings Guarantee:

Dolphins can be seen year-round with a 95% success rate, while whale sightings are guaranteed from June to October, or you get a free return trip (conditions apply).

Enhance Your Thriller Noosa Adventure

Bring a camera or phone, a jacket, and a sense of adventure to capture and enjoy the moments. 

Why Choose Noosa Thriller?

The unique hull design ensures a smooth ride even in choppy conditions. Combined with the an expert skipper, safety and comfort are guaranteed on your adventure.

Memorable Moments

Have you ever experienced whale watching in Noosa? Have you ever been close enough to a whale to touch it? Noosa Thriller Makes this happen!

Making memories to last a lifetime

Young whales often come within touching distance, “spy hopping” to eyeball our passengers. It’s sometimes hard to tell who’s watching whom!

Embark on an unforgettable adventure with Noosa Thriller, where the ocean’s wonders are just a boat ride away. Book your tour today and create lasting memories!


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