Granite Bay

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View of Granite Bay, Noosa National Park, Sunshine Coast, Queensland, Australia

The Coastal Track to Granite Bay

The walk to Granite Bay takes off from Hastings Street and will bring you along an incredible coastal track within Noosa National Park. With views across the glistening water and thick forest backing off the coastline. Alongside Laguna Bay you will pass Tea Tree Bay and eventually reach Granite Bay. The walk is considered easy to moderate and will take you through the scenic rainforest.

Surfers Call of the Waves

Granite Bay sits on a point and often gets medium swell, which attracts surfers. On any given day, watch surfers swimming out to make the most of the swell, and if you pay attention to the water, you may even spot turtles and dolphins playing. In the winter months, from July to October, look out for humpback whales migrating, too.

Large Pebbles and Boulders

Granite Bay stands out with its unique shoreline, adorned with large pebbles and imposing boulders, painting a picture that blends the rugged with the serene. Beware, though, as high tide transforms the landscape, making the beach a fleeting treasure.

Example of granite boulders and pebbles at granite bay
Picture by raffi_kojian

Elevated Views of the Bay

The walking track sits above the beach, showcasing incredible views across the water. Many other walking tracks are nearby, great for a picnic or a relaxing pit stop. This isolated beach can be dangerous for swimming, and it is un-patrolled, just like the other surrounding stretches.

Birdlife and Native Flora

Listen for the echoes of the beautiful birdlife and look out for native trees. To reach Granite Bay, enjoy the gorgeous walk and experience some of Noosa’s best natural wonders.