Tea Tree Bay

2 mins read

Tea Tree Bay is just a short 20-minute walk from Laguna Bay on the Coastal Track within Noosa National Park. This quiet bay brings out the parks serenity and natural landscape, with pandanus trees lining the beach and flat rocks to lie on.

Relax on the sand and step away from the busy atmosphere of Hastings Street. With toilet facilities nearby, bring some snacks and water, and you can easily spend the day here. This is the only beach in the national park with facilities close by, so if you are planning a day by the water, consider Tea Tree Bay. At low tide, wander through the little rock pools forming, and look out for crabs and fish hiding between them.

Tea Tree Bay is an un-patrolled beach, therefore, swim with extreme caution. Known for steady currents and rips, pay and attention and try not to go out too far into the water. For the surfers, Rocky Point nearby is a surfing hotspot, best for more experienced surfers due to the conditions. Tea Tree Bay makes up one of four bays within Noosa National Park. The walking tracks on the journey will take you on a scenic trail along the coastline with beautiful lookouts, including Boiling Pot and Dolphin Point. Tea Tree Bay is the first bay you will pass by on the Coastal Walk, and while it is still within minutes of Noosa Main Beach, it is a quiet pocket worth exploring, tucked away from the bustle of Hastings Street.

Stacked stones at Tea Tree Bay, Noosa parc, Australia