A day exploring Noosa National Park

4 mins read

During your holiday in Noosa, set aside a day, because exploring Noosa National Park is in order. Picture stunning beaches spilling out over the boardwalk, backing onto the lush rainforest.

The Coastal Track is a popular walk following the coastline and showcasing views across the glistening water. The path is sealed until you reach Dolphin Point, and it then turns into a dirt track. In the heat of summer, the trail can be hot and exhausting so pack sun protection and water, and of course your swimmers. Along the walk, there are little hidden coves throughout, perfect to take a quick dip along the journey.

For a variety of landscapes, take the Coastal Track and redirect into the forest at Hell’s Gate, which will loop back through and along Tanglewood Track. For a short and scenic route, take the Palm Grove Circuit, with clear signage leading you there. Another course is to continue along the coastline to Sunshine Beach and enjoy lunch at the surf club, taking about two hours in total each way.

The beaches are lined with pandanus trees, making it a picture-perfect place to roll out a towel and spend the afternoon relaxing. Hell’s Gate has been formed from the wild waves hitting the sandstone creating a cave. Here you will be left with incredible views across Alexandria Bay and the blue ocean. Along the journey, visit Tea Tree Bay, which is an inlet on the water, and Little Cove, which is just off Laguna Bay. Explore the Fairy Pools, towards the eastern end of Granite Bay. These natural pools bring rugged rocks filled with crystal clear water. To avoid the crowds, try to visit early in the morning.

The only public toilets in the national park are near Tea Tree Bay, which is early on in the journey. If you plan on adventuring for a while, consider travelling with a friend as some areas of the park can be a little isolated. On weekends, the track remains busy with other walkers. All beaches are unpatrolled so always check the conditions and take extra precaution when you swim or surf.

The park is home to Australian wildlife and native fauna and flora, so on your journey, keep an eye out for cute wildlife and lush natural trees like banksias and kauri pines. Out of the forest and along the coastline, look out for dolphins playing and turtles surfacing. Over the winter months, you may even see whales migrating along the coast too. The best vantage points are from Boiling Pot, Dolphin Point, Hell’s Gate and Granite Bay to stop and take in views over the water.

To reach the National Park, stop at the main carpark at the end of Park Road, or consider a side street if parking is difficult. While the National Park divides into four sections, the Headland Section is the place to explore and the most scenic, all while just a stone’s throw from Hastings Street. The park brings over one million visitors each year, so if you’re visiting on the weekend, don’t expect it to be quiet, off the beaten track experience. As you continue further on to Alexandria Bay, you will notice the tourists drop off, and it becomes more local.

Noosa National Park brings idyllic, warm weather throughout the year, stunning crystal water and lush green nature. It is worth taking a day out of your schedule to spend some time exploring this natural wonder.