Alexandria Bay

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View of Alexandria Bay in Noosa National Park in Queensland, Australia.

Tired of busy beaches?

Visit Alexandria Bay for a quiet retreat and less populated beach day, away from the busy atmosphere of Noosa Main Beach. The Bay (known as β€œA-Bay” by the locals), on Noosa Head’s eastern side, is marked by striking geological formations like Hells Gate and Devil’s Kitchen. The beach is 1.2 km of long sandy shore known for its lively wave activity.

Dip with Caution: Unpatrolled Waters Ahead

While the crystal-clear waters invite you for a swim, remember that Alexandria Bay is unpatrolled. Exercise caution, especially due to potential strong currents. It’s best to enjoy a quick dip rather than venture too far. Known for its strong waves and currents, it’s a popular yet hazardous spot for swimmers.

Surfers favour the beach for its consistent breaks, especially when Noosa Head’s waves are low. Despite its allure for rock fishing, the area’s exposed terrain adds risk. This secluded beach is accessible only by foot, offering a serene escape with caution, advised due to the challenging swimming conditions.

Alexandria Bay Noosa
Alexandria Bay Noosa

Embrace the Unconventional: A Nudist Retreat (Unofficially)

You can expect, on most days, that beachgoers at Alexandria Bay may wear little to no swimmers. Yes, you read that correctly, A-Bay is somewhat of a nudist beach, yet in an unofficial sense. So do not be surprised if you see locals without their swimmers relaxing in the sun.

Pack Your Essentials: No Amenities in Sight

The remote location is the perfect place to retreat and soak up the serenity. With no amenities nearby, be sure to pack water and food for the day. The closest toilets are near Tea Tree Bay. This unpatrolled beach is excellent for a quick dip, but take precautions due to strong potential currents.

Journey to A-Bay: Choose Your Path

From McAnally Drive near Sunshine Beach, it is about 20 minutes to Alexandria Bay, or you can walk from Noosa Heads for the full trek through the park. There are multiple entry points on the eastern side of Noosa National Park, but each requires a short walk to access the beach. After a long walk from Noosa Heads, A-Bay will be a shining beacon; for surfers, you can even make the most of the consistent beach break.

Alexandria Bay Noosa

Catch the Perfect Wave

For surfing enthusiasts, “A-Bay’s” consistent beach break is not to be missed. After your trek through the park, reward yourself with some quality time riding the waves.

Picnic by the Shore

What’s better than a picnic on a golden sand beach under the sunny sky? Alexandria Bay offers the perfect backdrop for a leisurely lunch. Pack your favourite treats and soak up the tranquil vibes of this remote beach.

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