Alexandria Bay

2 mins read
View of Alexandria Bay in Noosa National Park in Queensland, Australia.

Visit Alexandria Bay for a quiet retreat and less populated beach day, away from the busy atmosphere of Noosa Main Beach. Alexandria Bay (known as “A-Bay” by the locals) is a three-kilometre walk taking you past Hell’s Gates, in Noosa National Park. You can expect on most days, that beachgoers at Alexandria Bay will be wearing little to no swimmers. Yes, you read that correctly, A-Bay is somewhat of a nudist beach, yet in an unofficial sense. So do not be surprised if you see locals without their swimmers on, relaxing out in the sun. The remote location makes it the perfect place to retreat and soak up the serenity. With no amenities nearby, be sure to pack water and food for the day, while the closest toilets are near Tea Tree Bay. This unpatrolled beach is excellent for a quick dip, but take precaution due to strong potential currents.

From McAnally Drive near Sunshine Beach, the walk is about 20-minutes to Alexandria Bay or walk from Noosa Heads for the full trek through the park. Set on the eastern side of Noosa National Park, there are multiple entry points, but each requires a short walk to access the beach. After a long walk from Noosa Heads, A-Bay will be a shining beacon, and for surfers, you can even make the most of the consistent beach break.

So why not pack a picnic and enjoy the beautiful golden sands and ample sunshine at Alexandria Bay?