Noosa Main Beach

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Noosa Main Beach is the glue that binds the ocean to the town’s roots. It’s calm, clean waters are great for families and tourists to feast their eyes upon sparkling waters that practically spill out in front of Hastings Street. With such serenity at your fingertips, Noosa Main Beach is what lends a laid-back culture to the town.

Sitting right at the edge of Hastings Street, you can access Noosa Main Beach a few ways by foot, but be prepared to find parking to be a bit challenging. Although you may have to walk some distance to get through town, you’ll find stops and shops along Hastings Street to pass the time while you make your way to Noosa Main Beach. For those that want to keep the momentum going, you can continue onward and upward to the Noosa Coastal Track that will take you through Noosa National Park.

Noosa Main Beach faces north and because of this, it is protected from harsh weather and large waves thanks to its location in the bay. Many families and tourists will find it is the perfect location to set up for the day, as the beaches are patrolled and the waves and currents are generally mild. Noosa Main Beach is a popular destination to learn surfing, with gentle waves that glide you along with ease, as well as board rentals and lessons available.

The beach can get crowded in the summer months, but its charm are what make all the resorts, storefronts, and restaurants part of the experience you’ll have in Noosa. You can easily make a day of shopping, site-seeing, and relaxing at the beach thanks to its close proximity to everything in Noosa. If you prefer, accommodation and dining can be found at the shores of Noosa Main Beach to give you the best of everything.

Actively take part in swimming, surfing, fishing, or tune into relaxation with more leisurely activities like sunbathing, sipping cocktails at the beachfront restaurants, or sauntering along the walkways that line the beach during sunrise, sunset, or any time of day for a spectacular setting.