Noosa Fairy Pools

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Woman enjoys swimming in Fairy Pools in Noosa Heads, Sunshine Coast, Queensland

Step into a coastal paradise, filled with dark, rugged rocks framing the turquoise water as it glitters under the sunlight; the Noosa Fairy Pools.

If you haven’t already noticed the images of these natural pools flooded across Instagram, then visit them for yourself to see what the fuss is about. Set within Noosa National Park, the fairy pools are the park’s most unique and not-so-secret natural wonder.

The pools have formed from the natural erosion of the waves, and to reach them, you will find them tucked away along the Coastal Track. Enter the park from the Noosa Main Beach carpark and along the trail just after Picnic Cove, you will see a park bench overlooking the incredible view. To the right of it, is a sign in place with a rugged trail tucked in behind it leading down to the water. The pools are easy to miss because the path down the rock face is subtle. The Noosa Fairy Pools are not advertised by the national park, so keep an eye out for the park bench and look down for the glistening water. Allocate about half a day to explore the fairy pools, and try to visit early in the morning to avoid the crowds.

The Noosa Fairy Pools provide ample photo opportunities, and it is no wonder why this little oasis has become an Instagram sensation.