The ultimate guide to Noosa Fairy Pools

3 mins read
Woman enjoys swimming in Fairy Pools in Noosa Heads, Sunshine Coast, Queensland

The Noosa Fairy Pools are beautiful natural pools on the outskirts of the Noosa National Park. Relax in the sparkling turquoise water framed by jagged black rocks for a refreshing swim and of course, get some photos. Pack your snorkelling gear to observe the beautiful marine life between the pools too.

To locate the Fairy Pools, you will need to follow the instructions carefully, so here is the ultimate guide to Noosa Fairy Pools.

When to visit?

The Noosa Fairy Pools are not so secret anymore, and on the weekend it is a traveller’s hotspot. Aim to visit early in the morning to miss the crowds, or opt for weekdays and outside of school holiday timeframes. Throughout the year, Noosa brings sunshine and cloudless days, so even in the winter months as tourism slows down, a visit to the Fairy Pools is a beautiful way to spend the day. For the best conditions, arrive at low tide for calm, sparkling water, otherwise, at high tide expect a bit of a stronger push from the waves.

How to get there?

In Noosa National Park, no signs point to the Fairy Pools, so pay attention! Departing from the carpark from Noosa Heads, you will pass by Tea Tree Bay and Winch Cove. Walk on towards Picnic Cove and look for a park bench overlooking the water; sitting on the corner of the headland, with a small sign to the right. Near the sign, at this point, walk towards the edge of the cliff, and you will see a little track tucked in along the headland following down into the water. Below, the sparkling turquoise water and iconic jagged black rocks stand.

The walk is about 40 minutes from the car park and is relatively easy until you need to navigate down the rocks into the water.

Another path to the pools can be reached from the Sunshine Beach-side, which is a lot harder and far more challenging to navigate.

What to bring?

Be sure to bring water and snacks, as you will be walking to and from the natural pools, and swimming for a good few hours. Of course, sun protection is essential, and Australia’s harsh sun becomes unforgiving after too many hours outdoors. Bring sunscreen, long-sleeved clothing and a hat. In terms of footwear, regular walking shoes will suffice. Of course, other essentials like a beach towel, a camera and a backpack will come in handy too.

During your holiday in Noosa, visit the Fairy Pools to experience this gorgeous natural landscape. Allocate about half a day to navigate and relax at the Noosa Fairy Pools.