Whale Watching Noosa

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Noosa Whale Watching

Noosa Whale Watching Season

If you’re lucky enough to visit Noosa from August to November, whale watching is in full swing every year. As humpback whales migrate from Antarctica to the warm waters of Queensland to give birth; they’ll be visible from land at any number of vantage points. Otherwise, you can book a cruise that will take you closer to see their playful nature unfold close up.

Whale Watching From Land in Noosa

If you are staying in Noosa, you can walk to Dolphin Point on the Coastal Track in Noosa National Park. Here, you will see whales playing as they breach the waters, showing their calves how to have a little fun. Point Perry in Coolum is also a notorious spot along the boardwalk to catch a glimpse of these fellows.

If you are up for some Four Wheel Driving, try Double Island Point by driving on the beach up Noosa North Shore. Double Island Point is a great vantage point to see Whales, with almost 360-degree views of the ocean. You could opt to make a day trip of it and head to the waters of Fraser Island; where whales come every year to get their calves strong before travelling south once more. The coast around Fraser Island and Hervey Bay can be inundated with whales in peak migration season; thus, it is often referred to as “whale soup”!

Whale-watching Boat Tours Around Noosa

Getting closer means hopping on a tour boat that will bring you to these whales. Don’t be surprised if they end up giving you a splash! The whales are protective of their young but are very playful, so you’ll see them jumping in and out of the water right next to your boat. For an elevated experience, select from a touring company like The Noosa Whale & Dolphin Centre or Noosa Whalesongs on Gympie Terrace, a fast, smooth ride on a boat with a shade canopy suitable for all ages. Ocean Rider and Noosa Thriller are an even faster option for those seeking an adreniline rush also. Get up close and personal with these fascinating mammals; it’s a wonderful experience.

Picture by Noosa Thriller – Whale Watching Tour

Embark on a breathtaking whale-watching adventure in Noosa and witness the majesty of these gentle giants. Remember to pack your camera and stay alert during Noosa’s whale-watching season. Opting for a guided tour enhances your experience, offering an intimate glimpse of these awe-inspiring creatures as they pass through Noosa, seeking warmer seas.