Noosa River

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The Importance of the Noosa River

The Noosa River connects directly to the Pacific Ocean and is one of the main attractions of the Noosa region. There are five lakes situated off the river, and it ties Noosa Heads to Noosaville. The river plays a vital role in migratory bird life, and also acts as a beautiful swimming hole and a popular location for water sports.

Ariel shot of Noosa River
Ariel shot

Exploring the River

The river can be explored in multiple ways; for a comfortable and calm approach, take a ferry from Noosaville to Hastings Street. Or for adrenaline seekers stop along the river and hire a vessel for the day. Choose from a jet ski, stand up paddle board, boat or kayak; whatever suits your adventure style.

Kayak Noosa River

Grab a kayak from one of the many boat hire companies and self navigate the area and get a chance to experience the beautiful nooks and coves along with natural wildlife in the area. The river provides 40km of pristine waterways, so you can spend hours on end exploring. Pack some lunch and spend the day exploring the canals getting up close and personal with native wildlife and have the chance to swim in pristine waters.

Kayaks at sunset
Kayaks on Noosa River

Noosa River Tours

If you prefer to leave navigating the river to the professionals, opt for one of the many river tours, which offer a more guided and in-depth exploration of the river. The cruises will take you all the way down to the river mouth and through the canal system. Here you can witness Noosa’s incredible luxury mansions and national park set on the river side by side.

Fishing Noosa River

For fishing enthusiasts, experience fishing safaris straight from the locals taking you upstream to the best spots in the area. The river is home to bream, whiting, trevally, mangrove jack and flathead as well as many other offshore species like black kingfish and red emperor.

Gympie Terrace

Gympie Terrace runs alongside the picturesque Noosa River, creating a vibrant hub of activity and relaxation. Lined with a delightful array of restaurants, cafes, and boutiques, it offers visitors an eclectic mix of dining and shopping experiences. Families can enjoy the Pirate Park, a beloved spot for kids to play and explore. Additionally, the terrace is home to several boat hire companies, providing easy access to the river’s pristine waters for those looking to add a splash of adventure to their day.

A Must Do when Visiting Noosa

The stunning Noosa River is an incredible natural attraction worth visiting while you’re in Noosaville or Noosa Heads. The river provides a choice of adventure styles; whether it’s hiring a boat, stand up paddle boarding or merely having a lazy coffee on the waterfront, take some time out to connect and experience the water.