Our Guide to A Noosa Everglades Tour with Everglades Eco Safari

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Girl in Canoe on Noosa Everglade Tour With Eco Everglad Safari's
Noosa Everglade Tour With Eco Everglade Safari's

Discover the Noosa Everglades

For a memorable eco-adventure in Australia, try a Noosa Everglades Tour with Everglades Eco Safari. This company has been running since 2005 and offers top-notch eco-tours that highlight the beauty and diversity of the Noosa Everglades on the Sunshine Coast. It’s a must-do experience for nature lovers. πŸ’šπŸ’šπŸ’š

Visitor Swimming in the Everglades at One with Nature
Visitor Swimming in the Everglades at One with Nature

The Inspiration Behind Everglades Eco Safari

Everglades Eco Safari started in 2008 after successful tours on Fraser Island (K’gari). They saw a need for eco-friendly experiences in Noosa and got permits to operate in the Noosa Everglades. Since then, sustainable tourism has become their known reputation, as they have won awards and been inducted into the QLD Tourism Industry Hall of Fame. πŸ†

The Boat Everglades Eco Safari Noosa
The Award Winning Everglades Eco Safari Noosa – Covered Boat

The Unique Ecosystem of the Noosa Everglades

Located within the Cooloola Recreational Area, the Noosa Everglades is a pristine wilderness featuring the upper Noosa River system and its wetlands. This area, part of the Great Sandy National Park, is home to dark, tannin-stained waters that reflect the twisted paperbarks and bloodwoods lining the riverbanks. The wetlands provide a haven for over 44% of Australia’s native bird species and host several rare plants and trees.

A boat in the Everglades
A boat winding through the Everglades

The Noosa Everglades, located in Queensland, Australia, is home to one of only two everglades worldwide, the other being in Florida, USA. We are incredibly fortunate to have this magnificent natural phenomenon in our midst.πŸ€

The Gubbi Gubbi people, the Traditional Custodians of the Land

In addition to its natural beauty, the Noosa Everglades are also culturally significant to the local Indigenous people, the Gubbi Gubbi people. The Gubbi Gubbi have a deep connection to the land and waterways of the Noosa Everglades, and visitors can learn about their rich cultural heritage through guided tours and experiences.

Noosa Everglades from above at sunset
The Beauty of Noosa’s Everglades

Wildlife Encounters

During your Noosa Everglades tour, you may encounter a variety of wildlife. Common sightings include kingfishers, cormorants, egrets, ducks, herons, monitor lizards, and local catfish. During the mating season, you might even spot elusive koalas. Additionally, Habitat Noosa, the base camp for these tours, is home to over 50 Eastern Grey Kangaroos, a highlight for international visitors.🦘

A Pelican taking flight
A Pelican taking flight

Eco-Friendly Vessels

Everglades Eco Safari’s custom-built 36-seater eco-vessels offer a comfortable and sustainable way to explore the Noosa Everglades. These vessels provide protection from the elements with retractable clear coverings and allow guests to experience this unique wilderness safely. The shallow draft, low-emission design minimizes environmental impact, ensuring the preservation of this natural wonder.

Eco Friendly Safari Vessel
Eco Friendly Safari Vessel

A Day with Everglades Eco Safari

A typical day on a Noosa Everglades tour begins with a warm welcome and briefing at the tour table. Guests board the eco-vessels at Habitat Noosa at Elanda Point which is not far from Boreen Point. The cruise will head across Lake Cootharaba to the Upper Noosa River and the Everglades. Visitors can paddle in a canoe or take the time to relax on board the boat. The tour concludes with a return to Habitat Noosa, where guests can enjoy fresh beer and the company of wild Eastern Grey Kangaroos, followed by a courtesy ride back into Noosa.

A Lady Relaxing with some Champagne - Setting off from Habitat Noosa
Setting off from Habitat Noosa

Commitment to Sustainability

Everglades Eco Safari dedicates itself to preserving the Everglades environment. They operate under strict permit capacities to prevent over-tourism and use low-impact vessels to reduce their carbon footprint. With over 75% of guests opting for canoe experiences, the company ensures a minimal environmental impact while offering an immersive nature adventure. Their efforts have significantly reduced pressure on the Great Sandy National Park’s infrastructure, demonstrating their commitment to sustainability.🌿

Tour Highlights

Guests particularly enjoy the β€œRiver of Mirrors,” a swim in the tea tree oil-infused waters, and the chance to spot koalas. Other highlights include encounters with wild kangaroos at Habitat Noosa, naturally filtered artesian beer brewed on-site, and Padre coffee roasted locally in Noosa. 🐨🍻

Reflections on the River of Mirrors  - 2 ladies canoeing in the Everglades
Reflections on the River of Mirrors

Memorable Experiences

One tour participant shared, β€œWe went as a group of seven workmates and had the most amazing experience cruising the Everglades! The landscape is incredibly stunning, unique, and special. The whole tour and crew were amazing, combining cruising, canoeing, walking, and swimming in such a peaceful and natural habitat. We finished the tour feeling both relaxed and reenergized!”

Swimming from Harrys Hut
Swimming from Harry’s Hut

Special Packages and Seasonal Tours

Everglades Eco Safari offers two main tours: the Everglades Explorer and the Afternoon Serenity Tours, available seven days a week, except on Christmas Day. These tours provide various ways to experience the Noosa Everglades, catering to different preferences and schedules.

Visitors Being Looked After on Board
Visitors Being Looked After on Board

Tips for First-Time Visitors

To make the most of your Noosa Everglades tour, arrive with an open mind and an adventurous spirit. The experience is about immersing yourself in the serene environment, so bring a jacket, sunglasses, and a sense of wonder. Prepare to be amazed by the natural beauty and tranquillity of the Noosa Everglades.😎

Checklist for trip
Checklist for trip

Departure and Location Details

Everglades Eco Safaris, depart from Habitat Noosa at Elanda Point. Located 30km north of Noosa, the tours offer free parking and a full bar, bistro, and microbrewery on-site. Guests can enjoy eco-friendly, purpose-built vessels that ensure comfort and protection from the elements. The company emphasizes sustainability and environmental preservation, operating under strict permit capacities to minimize impact. Various wildlife can be seen, including kingfishers, kangaroos, and, occasionally, koalas.

Kangaroos in front of Glambing Facilities - Habitat Noosa at Elanda Point
Kangaroos in front of Glamping Facilities – Habitat Noosa at Elanda Point

Tour Options and Tips for Visitors

Tours include the Everglades Explorer and Afternoon Serenity, with complimentary transfers from seven Noosa locations. Guests should bring essentials like water, sunscreen, and warm clothing and be prepared for potential low tide conditions requiring brief wading. Check-in is required 30 minutes before departure, and the company offers a courtesy bus service, although punctuality is crucial. βœ…

Despite weather conditions, tours typically proceed, though the canoe portion may be cancelled if deemed unsafe. The company accommodates special needs with prior notice and prohibits pets, except for service animals.

Experience the magic of the Noosa Everglades with Everglades Eco Safari. Book your tour today and journey through one of Australia’s most captivating natural landscapes.✨

Book here: https://evergladesecosafaris.com.au

Address: 204 Lake Flat Road, Boreen Point QLD 4565