Lake Weyba

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Natural beauty

Lake Weyba is an incredible natural attraction and considered almost a well-kept secret of Noosa. A shallow saltwater lake fed by Weyba creek a tributary of the  Noosa River; acting as an essential fish-breeding ground. Lake Weyba is just a 15-minute drive from Noosa Heads or 5 minutes from Peregian Beach; with access points from the end of Eumarella Road or Lake Weyba Drive.

Bird watching and wildlife spotting

Spend some time by the lake and take the opportunity to reconnect with nature, make the most of bird watching. If lucky, the avid twitcher may spot a pair of Brahminy Kites also known as red-backed sea-eagle; that have made Lake Weyba their home for a number of seasons. If extremely fortuitous, you may be graced by a sighting of the endangered Rainbow Bee-eater or the Glossy Black Cockatoo. More common birds of Lake Weyba include herons, cormorants and egrets; their long legs and beaks making them the perfect fishermen of the lake. Furthermore, if you happen to stay at the lake until the sun goes down; look out for various species of owl including the grunting Tawney Frog Mouth.

Lake Weyba is of great ecological importance in the region; with its threatened mangrove forests and seagrass which is all over the lake bottom. The lake is the perfect breeding ground for fish and attracts much marine life such as; reef sharks, rays, sand crabs and mud crabs. Often you’ll see kangaroos basking in the sun on the edge of the shallows.

Stay active

You can explore Lake Weyba a number of ways; there is a 3km return Foreshore walk starting from Lake Weyba Drive. This walk doesn’t go all the way around the lake; but it’s enough to stretch your legs and get your blood flowing. One of the best ways to take in the scenery is to canoe or kayak and embrace the calming surrounds. You won’t need to worry about falling in either; the shallow waters of the lake averaging around 1 metre deep.

For a more intense outdoor, on land experience, cycle to the western shores of Lake Weyba. The water in the lake is clear and as a result, makes for a great place to swim; especially for those who don’t like deep waters. Or for something with a little more of an adrenaline hit why not try some kite surfing; however, Weyba is known to be a bit gusty at times.

Flora and Fauna

Plantlife surrounding the lake includes eucalyptus, mangroves and saltpans. There are a number of rare and threatened species of plants like the Swamp OrchidChristmas Bells and Tiny Wattle. Often known as the lungs of Noosa river; the lake provides a vital home to a lot of flora and fauna in the area.


Since the waters of Weyba are so shallow, only catamarans and small tinnies are recommended; the foreshore has no formal boat access to the lake. You can find a choice of accommodation options in the area like charming lake houses and cottages; which have been designed to blend in with the natural environment.

In conclusion, Lake Weyba is a tranquil escape that is still well connected to Noosa and the coast; making for a great relaxing day trip. Otherwise, why not set up for a night or two so you can explore the surrounding area in more depth.