Lake Weyba

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Natural beauty

Lake Weyba is an incredible natural attraction and is considered almost a well-kept secret of Noosa. A shallow saltwater lake fed by Weyba Creek, a tributary of the Noosa River, acts as an essential fish-breeding ground. Lake Weyba, a serene retreat, is conveniently situated a mere 15-minute drive from Noosa Heads and just 5 minutes away from Peregian Beach. Access this tranquil destination via Eumarella Road or Lake Weyba Drive, both offering easy routes to this picturesque lakeside haven.

Fishing Adventures on Lake Weyba

The tranquil waters of the lake are a fishing enthusiast’s delight. Lake Weyba, a serene haven, is abundant with a variety of fish, including flathead, whiting, and bream, catering to both experienced anglers and beginners. The calm of the early mornings by the lake, with a gentle breeze and soft ripples on the water, sets a peaceful scene. These moments create a perfect backdrop for casting your line, embracing the tranquility and beauty of the surroundings. For more information about Fishing in Noosa click here.

Lake Weyba Noosa
Lake Weyba Noosa

Bird watching and wildlife spotting.

Spend some time by the lake, reconnect with nature, and make the most of bird watching. If fortunate, the avid birdwatcher might glimpse a pair of Brahminy Kites at Lake Weyba. Known as red-backed sea eagles, these majestic birds have called the lake their home for several seasons. If extremely fortuitous, you may be graced by a sighting of the endangered Rainbow Bee-eater or the Glossy Black Cockatoo.

Lake Weyba serves as a sanctuary for commonly found avian species such as herons, cormorants, and egrets. With their elongated legs and beaks, these birds exhibit exceptional fishing abilities in the lake. As the sun sets, the lake transforms, becoming a prime spot for observing various species of owls. Watch for the distinctive Tawny Frogmouth, known for its unique grunting call, as night falls over the lake.

Lake Weyba is of great ecological importance in the region; with its threatened mangrove forests and seagrass which is all over the lake bottom. The lake is the perfect breeding ground for fish and attracts much marine life such as; reef sharks, rays, sand crabs and mud crabs. Often you’ll see kangaroos basking in the sun on the edge of the shallows.

Weyba Lake Noosa Water Fun

Lake Weyba holds significant ecological importance in the region, marked by its threatened mangrove forests and abundant seagrass covering the lake bottom. This unique environment makes it an ideal breeding ground for various fish species. Additionally, the lake attracts a diverse range of marine life, including reef sharks, rays, and both sand and mud crabs. One of the best ways to take in the scenery is to canoe or kayak and embrace the calming surrounds. You won’t need to worry about falling in either; the lake’s shallow waters averaging around 1 metre deep.

The water in Lake Weyba is remarkably clear, creating an inviting spot for swimming, particularly for those who prefer shallower waters. For those seeking a bit more excitement, kite surfing presents an exhilarating option. However, it’s worth noting that Lake Weyba can sometimes be quite gusty, adding an extra challenge for kite surfers.

Plantlife surrounding the lake includes eucalyptus, mangroves and saltpans. There are a number of rare and threatened species of plants like the Swamp OrchidChristmas Bells and Tiny Wattle. Often referred to as the lungs of the Noosa River, Lake Weyba plays a crucial role in the local ecosystem. It provides a vital habitat for a diverse array of flora and fauna in the area.

Lake Weyba Accomodation

Since the waters of Lake Weyba are shallow, it’s recommended to use only catamarans and small tinnies for navigation. The foreshore lacks formal boat access to the lake, emphasizing the area’s natural tranquillity. Nearby, a range of accommodation options, including charming lake houses and cottages, are available, all designed to harmonize with the natural environment.

Lake Weyba offers a tranquil escape, nestled in a serene setting. Despite its peacefulness, it remains well connected to Noosa and the coast, making it an ideal destination for a relaxing day trip. Otherwise, why not set up for a night or two so you can explore the surrounding area in more depth?

Lake Weyba Cottages Noosa

Managed by Leanne Carter, Lake Weyba Cottages Noosa offers a peaceful escape amidst 20 acres of stunning gardens, just a short drive from Noosa and Peregian Beach. These award-winning cottages provide cosy fires with free firewood, perfect for a relaxing getaway. Situated close to the coast, guests can enjoy easy access to beaches, cafes, shops, and local markets while relishing the natural beauty of the protected lake and views towards Noosa Heads. Experience the tranquil charm of the Sunshine Coast at this idyllic retreat.

Lake Weyba Cottages Noosa
Lake Weyba Cottages Noosa

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