Kayaking & Canoeing

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Discover the true meaning of tranquillity as you leisurely paddle down crystal clear waters. With no sound except the chirp of local birds, surrounded by pristine natural surroundings. The stunning waters of Noosa provide multiple perfect locations for kayaking and canoeing. Book a guided tour or hire the equipment; and make your own way through the ocean or the river, experiencing picturesque scenery and magnificent flora and fauna.

Explore Noosa’s waterways

The smooth, protected waterways of the Noosa River provide a pleasant and relaxed atmosphere for canoeing and kayaking. Enjoy the beautiful backdrop as you explore mangroves, rich with local wildlife. Why not join a sunset river tour to make the most of one of Noosa’s gorgeous sunsets? Otherwise, wake up early and paddle down the river. When the sun comes up and native birds fill the air with their morning song; the river awakens for the day. Few things are worth getting out of bed at 4:30am for (especially on holiday); but this is definitely one of them.

Visit the Everglades, experience a subtropical treasure

Noosa is lucky enough to have one of only two Everglades on earth. It provides an ideal place to go kayaking or canoeing. The Everglades are known as “the River of Mirrors”, because of the incredible reflections on the water. It is also one of Australia’s most diverse ecosystems, playing home to over 40% of the country’s bird species. Paddle through this serene world of water, wilderness, and outstanding natural beauty for a truly spectacular experience.

Kayaking and canoeing aren’t confined to the river; you can also venture into the inviting warm pacific ocean if you choose your spot wisely.

Take a kayaking tour

Double Island Point is an exquisite option for kayaking and canoeing area. It is only accessible by 4WD; however, there are local tour companies providing trips here if you don’t have access to one. As you venture through the tropical waters, it’s not uncommon to see; pods of bottlenose dolphins, turtles, rays, and humpback whales during the winter months. Kayakers can also paddle along the delightful coastline of Noosa National Park to Laguna Bay; which provides another opportunity to spot dolphins as you explore.