Boreen Point

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Boreen Point - Floating Land Art Installation
Boreen Point - Floating Land Art Installation

Discover the Serenity of Boreen Point

Boreen Point is nestled at the edge of the warm shallow waters of Lake Cootharaba. The lake is the gateway to the Noosa Everglades and forms part of the Noosa River network. This gem of a town rests peacefully to the north of Noosa, its neighbour being the charming town of Cootharaba. Boreen Point Store is the only shop in the area which also has a coffee shop called Coffee Tribe.

Sail Away at Lake Cootharaba

In this serene corner of the world, Boreen Point beckons to those who love the water and is well known as a great place to sail. Lake Cootharaba Sailing Club at Borren Point is a family-oriented and welcoming club. The lake benefits from prevailing sea breezes that offer some of the most exceptional flat-water sailing conditions worldwide.

Unwind by the Shimmering Shores

The lakeside vista is adorned with a collection of cosy cottages and a welcoming caravan park, providing a retreat for water enthusiasts to unwind by the shimmering shores. For those who seek a closer connection to nature, the lakeside campground offers a harmonious escape beneath the open sky. There is also a lovely play park for children next to the campsite.

Half-Hour Drive from Noosa Heads

Situated just a scenic 20-kilometre journey from Tewantin, and a leisurely half-hour drive from the vibrant heart of Noosa Heads, Boreen Point is often chosen by wanderers as a day’s sanctuary, a space to immerse in the soothing expanse of the lake. A pause at the local pub, the historic Apollonian Hotel, unveils the opportunity to savour a delightful lunch from their smokehouse.

The Apollonian Hotel – Boreen Point

The Inviting Embrace of the Lakeside

For nature enthusiasts, Boreen Point emerges as a sanctuary beyond compare, where every detail whispers of tranquillity. The inviting embrace of the lakeside, with its picturesque reflections and gentle breezes, promises a haven of repose.

Boreen Point pelicans
Boreen Point