Lake Cootharaba

2 mins read

Lake Cootharaba forms part of the Noosa River system, linking to the Everglades and the Great Sandy National Park. The lake draws travellers and locals in each year to indulge in its beautiful surroundings. It is the perfect place to set up camp for a couple of nights, take a day trip fishing or sailing.

Begin your adventure on kayak or canoe to navigate the intricacies of the lake. Or why not go sailing or kite surfing to glide away and relax amongst the wilderness? The lake welcomes yachting and windsurfing competitions each year due to its convenient setup too. Lake Cootharaba connects to the Noosa Everglades. It is an access point to explore just one of two everglades in the world. The wetlands are a unique natural wonder to explore.

To access the lake, take a four-wheel drive and set up your campsite nearby, with barbecue and toilet facilities available. In the area, there is a mountain bike trail, an RV park, as well as showers and wheelchair access too. To the southeast of the lake is Noosa North Shore, with Cootharaba in the west. Lake Cootharaba’s water is shallow, and it stretches out to about 10 kilometres in length. The Kabi Kabi people; traditional owners of the land, used the lake to catch stingrays, fish and sand crabs, making up an essential part of their diet.

The natural, untouched environment is an opportunity to reconnect with the landscape, and the lake itself provides a choice of activities to explore.