Tour the best Breweries on the Sunshine Coast

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Noosa Brewery Tours and Terrella the best breweries on the sunshine coast
Noosa Brewery Tours and Terella

Hosted by Noosa Brewery Tours

Embark on a frothy taste-testing adventure through the heart of the Sunshine Coast, where the art of brewing is not just a craft but a journey for the senses. Amidst the coast’s vibrant hues and lush landscapes, Noosa hosts an eclectic array of breweries and distilleries, each with its own unique character and story to tell. Discover the best breweries on the Sunshine Coast, one sip at a time, with Noose Brewery tours that bring the local brew scene to life.

Journey in the comfort of an air-conditioned bus through Noosa’s hinterlands to Terella Brewing, a rural haven of modern farm-style beer crafting. Step into the historic charm of Eumundi Brewery, nestled within the classic Imperial Hotel. Discover the iconic Heads of Noosa, with award-winning beer renowned for its dedication to the lager craft. Enjoy the vibrant, environmentally friendly Land and Sea Brewery, Noosa’s first and finest, with its industrial chic allure.

And don’t miss the artisanal spirit of 2020 Distillery and Pomona Distilling Co., where the art of gin-making is celebrated with every batch. Join us on a fun journey to explore local flavours, stories, and award-winning craftsmanship at each stop.

🍺 🚌 The Noosa Brew Bus Odyssey

Imagine hopping aboard a comfy, air-conditioned brew bus, your gateway to a day of exploring the craft beer scene in beautiful Sunshine Coast settings. The adventure begins around 10 a.m. with door-to-door service, whisking you away to Noosa’s brewing sanctuaries. The bus travels through stunning areas, leading to a day filled with scrumptiously fresh food, local beer and lively banter!!

Terella Brewing: A Rustic Retreat (Saturdays)

First up, Terella Brewing is an off-grid inspiration in North Arm, Noosa’s hinterland. This farm-style local producer is a haven of freedom and relaxation. Open sky meets fields of green and adorable farm animals.

Goats at Terella
Pat a goat at Terella Brewery

Terella’s brewers use German brewing traditions to make tasty, frothy, and well-balanced beers. They are skilled artisans in their craft. A paddle of four awaits; sit back and enjoy the flavours and the wide open spaces.

Terella Brewery
Green space at Terella Brewery

Imperial Hotel & Eumundi Brewery: A Historic Hop Haven (Wednesdays)

Midweek, the tour graces the historic Imperial Hotel, the heart of Eumundi Brewery. This iconic Queenslander, alive since 1911, is a tapestry of history and creative spirit. Your first paddle here is a tribute to tradition and innovation, a blend that Eumundi masters with each pour.

Heads of Noosa: Lager Love Affair

Next, Heads of Noosa beckons, a temple dedicated to the craft of lager. Family-owned and fiercely independent, their passion for brewing is palpable. Here, quality is king, reflected in the beer and contemporary bites accompanying your tasting paddle.

Heads of Noosa

Land and Sea Brewery: Industrial Chic and Crafty Sips

The journey crescendos at Land and Sea Brewery, Noosa’s brewing pioneer. Its industrial modern vibe nods to Noosa’s natural beauty, a perfect backdrop for their cold, quirky-named beers. The lunch here? A fresh feast that’s the cherry on top of your craft beer exploration.

Land and Sea whats on tap
Whats on tap at Land and Sea

🍸🍻The Gin and Beer Fusion Tour (Fridays and Sundays)

For those who fancy a twist in their tale, the Noosa Hinterland Brewery & Distillery Tours blend the best of both worlds: beer and gin in a symphony of flavours.

Distillery tours noosa

20 20 Distillery: Modern Industrial Luxe

Kickstart your day at 20 20 Distillery in Cooroy, a sleek, detail-rich space where gin is king. Named stills, like old friends, and a gin spritzer welcome set the tone for a day of distilled delights.

Pomona Distilling Co.: A Gin Garden Getaway

Next, Pomona Distilling Co. awaits with their famed grain-to-glass gins. The beer garden here is a slice of village charm, complete with luxurious hanging foliage and warmth that exudes from the chunky wood.

Fortune Distillery at Land and Sea

The finale? Returning to Land and Sea, this time exploring Fortune Distillery’s award-winning gins. The same cool ambience, now with a gin twist, rounds off your journey through Noosa’s spirited landscape.

Beyond the Brew: Custom Tours and Celebrations

Noosa Brewery Tours isn’t just about beer and gin. They can craft a bespoke tour that suits your needs, creating the perfect day out, whether it’s vineyards, bars, or a mix of all things Noosa. With a private charter, you can plan your day. Bring your own drinks and play music on the iPod dock while you enjoy your adventure.

People enjoying their tour of the best Breweries on the Sunshine Coast

Why Noosa? A Toast to Local Craftsmanship

Brewing alchemists fill Noosa, its hinterlands, and the Sunshine Coast. Each brewery and distillery is a story of local craftsmanship, where passion for the art of brewing and quality shines. Each place has a different style, from modern to traditional.

The Experience: Indulgence, Relaxation, and Connection

These tours of breweries on the Sunshine Coast are fully immersive experiences. Enjoy the tastes of Noosa, unwind in beautiful places, and learn about the stories of each drink. A journey through the senses, where every sip is a tribute to the local land and its bounty.

People enjoying their tour of the best Breweries on the Sunshine Coast
People enjoying their tour of the best Breweries on the Sunshine Coast

For the Love of Beer (and Gin!)

So, whether you’re a beer buff, a gin guru, or just in it for the scenic sips, Noosa’s brewery and distillery tours offer a taste of something truly special. A chance to explore, indulge, and celebrate the craft that turns local ingredients into liquid art.

Ready for a frothy adventure touring Breweries on the Sunshine Coast? Noosa awaits a pint and gin glass in hand. Cheers to that!

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