Best Places to Watch the Sunset in Noosa

2 mins read

Those last few moments when the sun dances with the edge of the earth, brightening colours and painting the sky in pastel pinks and oranges. Here are a few places that we think should be top of the list as the best places to see the sunset in Noosa:

Sunshine Beach

If you want to spend your sunset in full happy hour mode, head to the Sunshine Beach Surf Club and watch the sun crest behind Noosa National Park. A bonus is watching surfers catch the last waves of the day, amongst friends and locals in the town’s bustling beer garden.

Laguna Lookout

While this spot can get crowded, it offers up some of the most stunning views of the ocean, the hinterland, and the mountains beyond. Just a short 5 minute drive from Noosa, or a swift walk from the centre of town, Laguna Lookout is a beautiful place to grab a picture and let the views sink in. We’d also recommend grabbing a bottle of wine and enjoying it on the hillside along the lookout for views of the town.

Noosa River Mouth

The Noosa River remains one of the most undisturbed rivers, acting like a mirror for the sunset to glimmer on with the hinterland in the background. When the beaches and lookouts are too crowded, this is always a peaceful spot to watch to the sun go down.

Mount Tinbeerwah

Finally, just 15 minutes outside of Noosa you can get to Mount Tinbeerwah for some of the best views of the valley and hinterland. The mountain acts as a perfect point to watch the sun in the west, splaying colours of greens, blues, and pinks for your eyes to feast upon. The drive alone will make you feel miles away from stresses of the everyday. This view can’t be beat, with a panorama of the Glasshouse Mountains in the background that serve as a cherry on top kind of sunset.