Emu Mountain Summit Walk

4 mins read
  • Start: Havana Road East, Coolum Beach
  • Grade: Easy
  • Distance: 1.7km
The path up Emu Mountain
Emu Mountain Walk

Are Emu’s hiding on Emu Mountain?

Emu Mountain, or Mount Peregian, holds a special place in local history. Named after the aboriginal word for ‘Emu’, this area was once a thriving habitat for these majestic birds. During a recent family walk, the vivid legacy of Emus on Emu Mountain came to life through the imagination of our toddler, who eagerly searched for these elusive creatures.

“Emu, where are you?” he called out, his voice carrying across the wild heathland. To keep the wonder alive, we playfully suggested that the emus were just shy, hiding away, only to emerge once we’d passed.

Although urban development has led to the emus’ departure, the spirit of these magnificent birds endures in the landscape and lore of Emu Mountain. It’s a poignant reminder of the area’s natural history and a magical element of our visit that enriched our understanding and appreciation of this unique place.

People looking out over the pacific ocean on the way up Emu Mountain

Easy Parking

This is an easy hike of approximately 1.7 km, so easy we saw someone complete it in thongs; not to be recommended, though, as some places are steep. The walk starts from Havana Road East; there’s a car park just opposite the gates of Coolum State High School. The path will take you on an undulating journey over a mass of rhyolite or volcanic rock rich in silica.


Happy Wandering up Emu Mountain

Meander up through wildflowers like the appropriately named “Happy Wanderer” with a scattering of Burrawang trees that could have been there for over 100 Years; for the budding botanist, the very rare Bancrofts red gum and endangered Mt. Emu she-oaks which only exist in a 35mile radius on the Sunshine Coast. Emu Mountain has recently been added to Noosa National Park in order to protect the threatened species of plant life in this coastal heathland.

From the top of Emu Mountain

Views for Days

The 360-degree views are absolutely magnificent, with the sparkling ocean to the east, Noosa National Park inland and a glimpse of the Glass House Mountains on the horizon. The higher you climb up this 71-meter-high mound of rock, the better the views get. Keep your eyes peeled for humpback whales on their migration up the coast between June and November; also, look up, and you may be lucky enough to see a Whistling Kite soaring high on the airwaves. Nestled below is the suburb of Peregian Springs and the seaside town of Coolum Beach.

The view Emu Mountain

If you would like a longer walk, you can start with the low-lying Hakea Walk, which is approximately 2.4km, and then finish off with the Emu Mountain Summit climb. This is also accessed from Havana Road East.