Mary Valley Rattler Heritage Railway

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Day Trip from Noosa

It’s a rainy day and school holidays in Noosa. What shall we do to entertain the kids?! The Mary Valley Rattler train ride from Gympie to Amamoor is perfect; stay out of the rain in the carriage, learn some history of the local area and watch the lush green countryside roll by! Don’t forget to wave at the locals, and if you are lucky, you might spot the railway mascot “Steam Man”. Friendly, knowledgeable volunteers run the Mary Valley Rattler Heritage Railway, and all the proceeds from tickets and purchases go towards the maintenance and upkeep of stations and trains. 

Mary Valley Rattler

A Slice of History

The Mary Valley line was built in 1881 and ran from Gympie to Maryborough. The Rattler played an important part in the shipment of gold mined in Gympie to the port of Maryborough. The Mary Valley developed other industries such as dairy and agriculture, mainly pineapples and timber. The Mary Valley line was used to export these goods until 1995. Sadly, another train line was built, which bypassed Gympie. This was when the Mary Valley Rattler started as a Tourist Steam Train service. 

Snacks and Refreshments

The Rattler is a great day out for adults and kids of all ages. Refreshments are available from Gympie station’s Rusty Rails Cafe, or order a packed lunch that comes in a branded Mary Valley Rattler cool bag that you can take and munch the contents onboard. If you find yourself in need of something else, a trolley also comes around with drinks and snacks, or there’s always the general store at Amamoor.  Don’t miss the train turning around on the turntable before setting off on the return journey!

The Mary Valley line offers experiences all year round, including school holidays runs, Tasting Trains, and the regular Classic Rattler run. Fun for all the family, and you can even take the dog!! 

Essential Information for Mary Valley Rattler Day Trip

  • Start Point: The journey begins at Gympie Station.
  • Destination: The train travels to Amamoor, showcasing the lush Mary Valley.
  • Cost: Prices vary depending on the type of experience chosen. Visit Mary Valley Rattler’s official website for the latest ticket prices and offers.
  • Duration: The round trip takes a few hours, including the turnaround at Amamoor.
  • Experiences Offered:
    • School Holiday Runs: Special trips tailored for families during school holidays.
    • Tasting Trains: A gastronomic journey featuring local produce.
    • Classic Rattler Run: The regular service offering a historic train ride experience.
  • Dining Options:
    • Rusty Rails Cafe at Gympie Station for refreshments.
    • Pre-order a packed lunch in a branded Mary Valley Rattler cool bag.
    • Onboard trolley service with drinks and snacks.
    • General store at Amamoor for additional purchases.
  • Special Features:
    • Train turning demonstration on the turntable at Amamoor.
    • Pet-friendly: Dogs are welcome on the journey.
  • Educational Aspect: Learn about the local history and observe the green countryside.
  • Volunteer-run Service: Knowledgeable volunteers operate the heritage railway, with proceeds supporting maintenance.