Peregian Beach Markets

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Peregian Beach Markets
Peregian Beach Markets

Embarking on a journey to Noosa? Don’t miss the chance to immerse yourself in the vibrant atmosphere of Peregian Beach Markets. This bustling hub offers a feast for the senses and ensures your bags are packed with unique finds. As you wander through, the charming town of Peregian Beach unfolds around you, inviting exploration. The market, renowned for its local produce, has served as a hub for craft and festivity enthusiasts for over 25 years. It attracts a wide variety of visitors, making it a vibrant gathering spot.

When and where?

The Peregian Beach Markets take place every 1st and 3rd Sunday of the month. In months with five Sundays, an extra market will be held. Reserved for early or late mornings, be sure to arrive between 7 am and 12:30 pm. Centrally located, the market is held within the square of Kingfisher Park. The market usually has up to 110 stalls for you to peruse. Bring your swimming togs to can combine the markets with a quick swim in the waters of Peregian Beach.

Peregian Originals

If you choose to extend your visit, the markets offer enough to fill your day. As the day progresses, they transform into “Peregian Originals,” a traditional concert series. This longstanding event challenges local musicians to showcase their newest tunes with only original songs and lyrics. This outing is a hit among families looking to relax in the park. They often bring a blanket and picnic items bought from the markets.

Stalls at Peregian Beach Market

What’s on offer?

The Peregian Beach Markets stand out as a genuinely local event. Stalls and vendors display upcycled or handmade goods, each adding their own unique flair. Find any number of fashionable streetwear, pottery, artwork, jewellery, and gifts. Local organic produce, homemade pastries, bread, and pickled sauerkraut are staples here. Additionally, you’ll find a variety of other creations and condiments to stock your pantry.


The market’s central location in town allows for an extended shopping spree. You can explore the boutiques, shops, and cafes scattered around Peregian Beach. Enjoy the homemade goods from the market as you stroll. Alternatively, visit a gourmet cafe for a top-notch breakfast or a leisurely late lunch. Tourists often blend right in with the local community, as its thriving markets filled with lively energy become contagious.