Sunshine Social – meticulously roasted speciality coffee

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Sunshine Social Coffee Shop in Sunshine Beach
Sunshine Social Take Away on Sunshine Beach

Nestled within the heart of Sunshine Beach, Sunshine Social isn’t just a coffee shop. It’s a haven for those who treasure their coffee rituals. The owner Ben Clark is the genius behind the new Sunshine Social vibe and look. Ben holds an unwavering affection for the awe-inspiring Sunshine Beach surroundings and community.

Sunshine Social new funky brand

In 2021, Ben Clark and his family embarked on a sea change from Melbourne to Sunshine Beach, purchasing what was then Entity Coffee. Ben, a former Director of the Mulberry Group, came with a treasure trove of experience and ideas from his past managing iconic cafes and roasteries. With over two decades of meticulously roasting speciality coffee on-site and Ben’s know-how, what could be better!!

The Coffee: From Beans to Roasting

Sunshine Social’s coffee journey begins in lush landscapes nurtured by cool-warm tropical climates and fertile soils. Sourcing green beans from Colombia, Guatemala, Rwanda, Costa Rica, Brazil, and Honduras. Remaining steadfast in honouring the heritage of the world’s most esteemed agricultural regions.

Harnessing the tropical sea breeze of Sunshine Beach, Sunshine Social’s blends undergo an exacting roasting process. The team orchestrates an exquisite symphony of quality and uniformity through consistent cupping sessions. This process ensures that each sip tells a story of excellence.

Sunshine Soaial Take Away on the beach

A Fresh Beginning: Sunshine Social

Formerly Costa Noosa Espresso, later reborn as Entity and now the very cool revitalized Sunshine Social. Perched upon the lively tapestry of Duke Street’s boutiques, restaurants, and real estate agencies, the space is complete with indoor, upper, and lower deck seating, with a panoramic vista of the vibrant locale.

Buy beans online

Sunshine Social offers a range of exquisite coffee products for delivery to your door. From single origins to expertly crafted blends, their offerings are meticulously curated to satisfy the most discerning coffee connoisseurs. They also offer a selection of stylish accessories and gift cards to delight fellow coffee enthusiasts.

Embrace the Dawn: Energise Your Day

Coffee aficionados and the cherished Sunshine Beach dog community are all invited. The lower deck welcomes well-mannered furry friends graced with water bowls courtesy of Sunshine Social. Those with a sweet tooth will find a filled cabinet of Danish pastries and locally-crafted confections to devour.

A fully stocked cabinet of sweet treats at Sunshine Social
A fully stocked cabinet of sweet treats at Sunshine Social

We recommend commencing your day with an invigorating surf, a rejuvenating swim, or an empowering run along the pristine shores of Sunshine Beach. Then, immerse yourself in the inviting, vibrant glow of Sunshine Social.