The Ginger Factory Yandina

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The Ginger Factory in Yandina
The Ginger Factory in Yandina

Embark on an unforgettable adventure at The Ginger Factory, located just a 30-minute drive from Noosa Heads. This beloved destination is a vibrant playground where discovery meets taste and play. It presents many activities tailored to captivate visitors of all ages, particularly delighting younger children. Tickets are free, and you pay for experiences separately.

The Buderim Ginger VW advertising the potting shed at the Ginger Factory

Endless Discoveries Await

Step into a world where the magic of ginger comes to life. The Ginger Factory is not just about the zesty spice. It’s a place where you can explore, learn, and have fun. Each corner tells a story, from the serene Garden Gazebo to the enlightening Heritage Centre. Visitors are invited to explore the intricate world of ginger cultivation and production. This practice has been significant in the area since around 1885, weaving a rich historical tapestry.

A Taste Sensation

If you like ginger this is the place for you! The Buderim Ginger Beer Garden offers a serene escape for visitors seeking to relax with a cool, refreshing drink. Meanwhile, the Ginger Kitchen delights with its array of mouthwatering dishes, emphasizing fresh, seasonal produce. For dessert enthusiasts, the homemade gelato and sorbets are an essential treat. And no visit is complete without savouring the iconic Gingerbread Man! Children can even decorate their own Gingerbread man, which is often a huge hit for the little ones.

Playful Adventures

Children and the young at heart will find joy in the array of play areas designed for imagination and adventure. The Little Explorer’s soft play space and the secure Kids Playgrounds provide safe environments for children to frolic and play. Meanwhile, chase the gingerbread man across the globe on the Overboard Boat Ride. Relax whilst sailing through a show of puppetry portraying different locations and customs. Finally, the iconic ‘Moreton’ Ginger Train promise delightful journeys that captivate with stories and scenic views through the grounds of The Ginger Factory.

 Overboard Boat Ride at The Ginger Factory

Resident Cane Train – Moreton

Moreton the train is 120 years old; his working life as a steam train was spent at Moreton Sugar Mill, transporting sugar cane. In 1988, he found a new role at the Ginger Factory, transporting excited children around the tropical gardens and theme park. Moreton has been adapted to use diesel there for there’s no steam but this doesn’t take away from anything where the kids are concerned.

Moreton the 120 year old cane train at The Ginger Factory

The Gruffalo Spotters Trail

Among the highlights is The Gruffalo Spotters Trail, a unique attraction that brings the beloved children’s book character to life. Families can embark on this interactive trail, engaging with the story and characters in a fun, new way. The trail leads to the Gruffalo House, which is fully equipped with everything a Gruffalo needs. Kids use their imagination to play in the Gruffalo kitchen or perhaps make some noise with the Gruffalo piano!

The Gruffalo at The Ginger Factory

Engaging Tours and More

For those keen on learning, The Ginger Factory offers captivating tours that delve into the world of bees, the art of ginger growing, and the intricate process behind ginger production. Each tour is an opportunity to gain insight into the natural world and the meticulous craft behind some of the factory’s most famous products.

The Taste of Ginger Tour
The Taste of Ginger Tour

A Botanical Wonderland

Nature lovers will be enchanted by the lush landscapes that surround The Ginger Factory. The grounds are a botanical wonderland where tropical and native plants coalesce to form a vibrant, green oasis. The Rainbrella Project, with its rainbow of umbrellas suspended in the canopy, adds a touch of colour, making every stroll through the gardens an uplifting experience.

The Rainbrella project at The Ginger Factory
The Rainbrella project at The Ginger Factory

Unique Retail and Treasures

The Ginger Factory is also home to a variety of retail experiences. From The Potting Shed’s garden treasures to The Ginger Shop’s delectable range of Buderim Ginger products, there’s something to delight every visitor. The charming old-world boutique shops in Ginger Town offer unique gifts and souvenirs, perfect for taking a piece of the Sunshine Coast home with you.

The Ginger Factory shop filled with Souvenirs
The Ginger Factory shop filled with Souvenirs

Address: 50 Pioneer Rd, Yandina, 4561


Opening Hours: Free Admission, Open 7 Days | 9 am to 5 pm (Closed Christmas Day)

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