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Cooroy sits 22 kilometres west of Noosa Heads, and its name means possum, which has been taken from the local Aboriginal word โ€œkuruiโ€. The town is most noted for its timber and dairy industries, and it is a quiet little escape inland. Cooroy combines history, nature and art all into one place. If you choose to stay a couple of nights, accommodation options include a mix of cottages, bed and breakfasts and retreats to soak up the peaceful natural environment.

The town has a laid back feel, with some restaurants, cafes, and a brewery to enjoy. For an outdoor adventure, experience a game of golf or explore Lake McDonald nearby. The Noosa Bird Trail cuts through Cooroy, which is a scenic trail for walking or riding along to observe the local birdlife. With 32 different sites across Noosa, the Jabiru Park and Fearnley Bird Hide trail can be reached easily from town.