Discover Peregian Beach

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Feel like a local on the Sunshine Coast by spending a Sunday in Peregian Beach, between Noosa and Coolum. With its giant beach, this small coastal village sits at a central location. It is easy to cruise along the streets barefoot, embracing the contagious inner calm found here.

Consider swapping the bustling vibe of Noosa Heads for a more relaxed experience near Noosa National Park and Lake Weyba National Park. This change can provide a peaceful alternative to the busy atmosphere of Hastings Street. Enjoy a more laid-back setting by exploring the nearby parks.

Uncrowded beaches

Peregian and Coolum Beach blend seamlessly along the middle, creating a continuous 20km stretch of coastline. Its long sandy beach makes it a must-visit spot for those who would like to avoid the crowds, as there is always somewhere to sit without neighbours.

The beach is a highlight, but don’t forget the inviting waves, making it an ideal spot for swimming or surfing. The presence of lifeguards and the emphasis on swimming between the flags make it a safe choice for families and solo adventurers.

The Unconventional Surf Spot

Peregian Beach is a calm surfing spot with fewer people than Noosa Main Beach, but it’s still loved by surfers worldwide. In Peregian QLD, the waves offer consistency for surfing, providing a 50-metre break over the sand. The best conditions for surfing are at high tide with a moderate swell.

Whale Watching

It’s worth noting that Humpback Whales migrate along the Sunshine Coast and Peregian Beach on their way North. Every year, on cue, thousands of Humpback whales travel up the East Coast of Australia between June and November. Picture yourself enjoying your morning coffee at Peregian Beach, watching a humpback whale elegantly jump out of the ocean. It’s an awe-inspiring and humbling site that we are lucky to have on our doorstep each year.

Cycle from Noosa Junction to Peregian Beach

Why not explore the coastlin and try a 23 km bike ride from Noosa Junction to Peregian Beach Village. This bike ride is good for families and lasts 2-4 hours. This route, mostly off-road along the coastal pathway, offers a moderate ride with occasional steep sections.

Enjoy beautiful views of the Pacific coast and easily access the beach. Perfect for nature lovers seeking adventure between these two lovely spots.

Walking in Peregian Beach

This area offers some enchanting trails, including the Coastal Pathways from Peregian to Sunshine Beach, which provide beautiful views of the ocean. The atmosphere is peaceful and perfect for a relaxing walk by the sea.

Try the loop from Peregian Village to Lake Weyba and back for a mix of scenery. You’ll see the bustling village and the peaceful lake, giving you a taste of the different landscapes in the area.

For a tougher hike with a view, you can also access Emu Mountain from Havana Road at Peregian Beach. If you want to look into this one further, try our Emu Mountain Summit Walk article.

Family Fun in Peregian Beach

Join this lively, family-friendly community by exploring the town, dancing in the village square, or swimming at their safe beaches. Visit Peregian Beach on the 1st or 3rd Sunday of each month for the town’s main events. You can enjoy one or both events on those days.

The first is the Peregian Beach Markets on Kingfisher Drive. Stock up on crafts and local art, fresh produce and fare to pack a picnic for the day.

Stay a bit longer and enjoy the Peregian Originals, a concert in the park from 1 to 4 pm. Here, we encourage artists to perform their original songs and tunes, so you won’t find any covers.

Treat yourself

Try Periwinkle Cafe, or scoop up some delectable pastries from the French patisserie Le Bon Delice. Or you can play gardener for a day and check out Veggie Village, a community garden filled with organic produce.

Peregian Beach is an eclectic patchwork filled with artisans, vintage shops, and markets, all captivating your attention. With just a stone’s throw from Noosa, be sure to add Peregian to your Sunshine Coast itinerary.