Noosa Horse Riding

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Noosa North Shore - noosa secret destinations
Image Source: Equathon Horse Riding

Convincing romantics and adventure seekers to set out on horseback won’t be hard. They’ll be amidst lush forests and eucalyptus trees, winding through rivers and beaches. Guided tours are available for both beginner and experienced horse riders. These tours provide information about the region while you explore the best parts of Australia. Noosa Horse Riding offers the perfect way to connect with nature and feel a sense of freedom on the back of these majestic animals.

noosa horse riding
Noosa Horse Riding

Guided Noosa Horse Riding Tours

When choosing to horse ride in Noosa, think about the duration and type of experience you want to have. Most companies cater to horse riding for all ages and have several horses for both children and adults. Guides will walk you through proper training and handling of the horses and any quirks you should be aware of. You’ll be well-equipped for a journey of your choosing with companies like Noosa Horse Riding or Equathon.

Tours offer a range of destinations, such as visiting the coloured sands of Rainbow Beach. You can also explore the sands of Teewah Beach or wind through areas of the Noosa River and down to Lake Weyba. Choose from private Noosa beach horse riding tours for a more intimate experience. Alternatively, join other groups and parties for horse riding during their holiday. Private rides usually start at 2 hours in length, with other packages offering overnight accommodation for nighttime exploration. Equathon also offers a full 7-day tour for a complete immersion into the landscape, all on horseback.

noosa horse riding - North Shore
Horse Riding on the Beach – Noosa North Shore

Something for the more experienced rider

If you’re more of an advanced horse rider or have been looking to become more experienced in horseback riding, you can select from lessons to learn specific skills like trotting and running. Some stables will also provide you with lessons in obstacle courses and even extended trips with a customised itinerary.

Plan your horse riding excursion in advance, as much of the guided courses will depend on the changing tides and seasons. Although Noosa has good weather year-round, horse riding can be a seasonal activity, depending on the tour companies. Just as your horse will guide you through incredible landscapes, your guide helps provide the knowledge and trust to walk away with an unforgettable time.