Joe’s Waterhole AKA Matso’s Brewery Eumundi

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The outside of Matso's Brewery Eumundi at Joes Waterhole
The outside of Matso's Brewery Eumundi at Joes Waterhole

A recent jaunt to Eumundi unveiled a delightful discovery: Matso’s Brewery, the newly revamped Joe’s Waterhole. At, we love breweries that are family-friendly and cater to both adults and kids.

Fun for the Whole Family at Matso’s Brewery Eumundi

Matso’s Brewery is located in the quaint and historic Joe’s Waterhole, known for its dedication to providing family-friendly entertainment. Our visit was a testament to this ethos.

While we indulged in the brewery’s signature ginger beer, which strikes the perfect balance between zest and refreshment, our kids found their slice of paradise on the onsite tractor and 4-wheel drive in the beer garden. It was so good to get a break whilst the kids had fun, set against the backdrop of vibrant Eumundi.

We certainly love a Matso's Gluten Free Ginger  - sign near bathrooms
We certainly love a Matso’s Gluten Free Ginger

The culinary offerings at Matso’s further sealed the deal for us. The kids had chicken nuggets and chips, while we enjoyed pork rolls and a tasty chicken burger. The flavours were as inviting as the brewery’s atmosphere, making Matso’s a must-visit for anyone nearby. An experience that we’re eager to relive.

The Saga of Matso’s Brewery

Tracing its origins to the picturesque Broome, WA, Matso’s Brewery has long been synonymous with innovation and a laid-back charm that’s hard to resist.

In 2000, the Peirson-Jones family transformed a cosy cafΓ© and art gallery into a brewery. This brewery became the birthplace of Australia’s first alcoholic ginger beer. They also created other unique brews at this location.

In 2023, Matso’s expanded to Eumundi on the Sunshine Coast. They brought their unique brews to Joe’s Waterhole, bringing new energy and fun to the area.

Matso's Eumundi previously known as Joe's Waterhole
Previously known as Joe’s Waterhole

Joe’s Waterhole: A Legacy Reimagined

Joe’s Waterhole is a chronicle of camaraderie, history, and evolution. Its roots stretch back to 1890, serving as a communal hub for railway workers and the local populace. The ensuing decades saw the establishment undergo numerous transformations, adapting to the changing times and patrons.

During the 1960s, Joe Whiting brought a lively and exciting atmosphere to the place. Big changes and the naming of the place in the 1980s followed this. In 2023, Joe’s Waterhole became Matso’s Sunshine Coast, blending the area’s history with Matso’s unique brewing style and community focus.

A Kaleidoscope of Brews

Matso’s Brewery’s portfolio is a testament to its inventive spirit and commitment to quality. The original Ginger Beer is Australia’s first alcoholic ginger beer, known for its gluten-free and vegan recipe. It’s a crowd favourite with its refreshing and subtly spicy taste.

Inside of the brewery at Matso's Brewery
Where the magic happens

But the adventure doesn’t stop there. Matso’s has a variety of flavours for everyone.

They have tropical Mango Beer, spicy Chilli & Lime Ginger Beer, and unique options in the Nightlife series. Each flavour caters to different tastes. Each brew reflects Matso’s adventurous ethos and its tropical roots, promising a memorable and satisfying experience with every sip.

Editors Choice Joe’s Waterhole – Matso’s Brewery Eumundi

Our experience of Matso’s Brewery at Joe’s Waterhole was a family fun day outβ€”a place where the old meets the new. Matso’s made sure that memories were made.

4 wheel drive truck at Matso's brewery

If you’re in Eumundi or the Sunshine Coast, stop by Matso’s Brewery at Joes Waterhole. They offer delicious beers, a taste of the local culture and friendliness. We, for one, can’t wait to return.

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