Noosa Food and Wine Festival 2024

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Noosa Food and Wine Festival 2024 Festival Village
Noosa Food and Wine Festival 2024 - Festival Village

May 30 to June 02

The Noosa Food and Wine Festival 2024 returns with the new name of Noosa Eat and Drink Festival.

The festival celebrates the tasty local produce of the region, with local winemakers, chefs, and culinary experts from Australia coming together. Held annually in May, this four-day festival (as its title suggests) celebrates food, wine and entertainment.

At Noosa’s shores, the sun sets, and the ocean sings. The Noosa Food and Wine Festival provides delicious food, beautiful sights, and lively sounds. The Restaurant and Beach Events are a vital part of Noosa’s vibrant food scene and relaxed coastal lifestyle.

Come on a stroll with Noosa.com through these events. Enjoy what makes this festival a must-visit culinary experience.

People Smiling and drinking at the Noosa Eat and Drink Festival
Noosa Eat and Drink – Festival Village

The Arcadia Street Long Lunch: A Gastronomic Parade

Imagine a table stretching as far as the eye can see, set under the open sky on Noosa’s charming Arcadia Street. This lunch is anything but ordinary. It is a delightful feast hosted by Cloudy Bay.

The restaurant event showcases the culinary talents of five beloved local restaurants. These restaurants are Herbert, Muse, Pucca, Theo’s, and Coya. Each restaurant brings its unique flair to a three-course menu that promises to dazzle and delight.

There are different dining options in Noosa that showcase its diverse food scene. One option is modern Peruvian food at Coya. Another option is the cosy wine bar vibe at Theo’s Social Club. Each restaurant offers a unique experience for diners in Noosa.

Beach Events: Sand, Surf, and Savory Delights

As the tides change, so does the festival’s setting, moving to the soft sands of Noosa Main Beach. The Beach Events encapsulate the quintessential Noosa experienceβ€”sundowners, beach clubs, and brunches with a VIP twist.

Saturday Beach Club in the Beach Garden now features a beautiful view of the Pacific Ocean. This stunning setting showcases culinary and mixology arts.

Enjoy all aspects of Noosa’s beachfront festival, from the lively Opening Party to the laid-back mini beach Brunch. Every event provides a unique experience where you can unwind and enjoy yourself through dancing, dining, and sipping in paradise. Kick off your shoes and immerse yourself in this unique story.

Beach Event at Noods Food and Wine Festival
Beach Event at Noods Food and Wine Festival

Festival Village: A Culinary Melting Pot

The Festival Village is the lively centre of the Noosa Eat & Drink Festival. It features a variety of tasty food and wine that represent Noosa region. While the vibrant live music gets you in the festival mood.

Guests can participate in masterclasses to learn new skills and try delicious food from pop-up restaurants. The Masterclasses offer an intimate chance to learn from the stars of the culinary world. Join George Georgeivski’s Lunchbox Masterclass, learn about Mexican flavors with Jason Jones, or perfect your dessert skills with Anna Polyviou.

You can learn from Richard Ousby, Luca Ciano, and Warren Mendes. They will share their Italian, South African, and culinary secrets expertise.

The sessions will combine inspiration and practical skills. Embrace sustainability with Cameron Matthews’ Zero Waste Cooking, and shake things up in the Cocktail Masterclass by Sunshine & Sons. Expand your culinary horizons and walkway feeling like the next master chef!

The Main Stage is alive with energy as top-tier chefs give live demonstrations. Feel the power and passion of these celebrity chefs providing mouth-watering live demonstrations. Each stall and booth has different flavours, including local and international wines, craft beers, and artisan spirits.

Flights and Accomodation

Flights from Sydney and Melbourne travel directly to Sunshine Coast Airport, with Brisbane just a 2-hour drive from Noosa. If you plan to visit Noosa during the festival, aim to book accommodation as far in advance as possible.

There are numerous hotels and resorts in Noosa Heads. They are all located near the festival. This means you can stay right in the heart of the action.

But if you stay in one of the surrounding towns, you may find limited parking throughout Noosa, often with short-term time frames. Instead, opt for the free shuttle bus from Noosa Junction Bus Station to the festival.

Noosa Food and Wine Festival 2024 – A Foodies Wonderland

With the program changing each year, be sure to plan and organise your trip around this beautiful culinary event. Ticketing options vary between events, so take a look at the program and plan out your festival schedule. Upgrade your ticket with a village pass to enjoy the festival to the fullest. You can experience pop-up restaurants, watch live chef demonstrations, and sample fresh produce from wineries, breweries, and distilleries.”

The Festival Village is a cashless event, so you can use Visa, MasterCard, or Amex without needing to worry about cash. Noosa is by the seaside and can get chilly at night, so bring a light jacket for the evening. The festival focuses on being eco-friendly and protecting the environment. They have eliminated disposable plastic and are working with sustainable vendors.

A tray of food at the festival village
Festival Village

The event celebrates local produce and showcases the Australian culinary scene with live demonstrations and celebrations under the starry night sky. In addition, Noosa’s amazing beachfront location makes it an even more memorable experience that you shouldn’t miss.

Get ready for another amazing year at the Noosa Eat and Drink Festival! Remember to note the dates, purchase your tickets, and prepare for a memorable culinary adventure in Noosa. The festival awaits, ready to unfold its myriad delights under the Southern Hemisphere’s star-studded canopy.

Finish off with your favourite drinks at the Noosa Food and Wine Festival 2024 Sundowner.

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