The Best Fraser Island Accommodation

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Boat turning in ocean at Fraser Island
Explore Fraser Island Accomodation with us

Embarking on a journey from the chic and laid-back vibes of Noosa, a gem on Queensland’s Sunshine Coast, to the unparalleled natural beauty of K’gari (Fraser Island) offers an enchanting travel narrative. Noosa’s stunning beaches, stylish boutiques, and delectable dining scene serve as a perfect prelude to the adventure and serenity that awaits further north on Fraser Island.

As you transition from the sophisticated charm of Noosa, consider it your gateway to the raw, untouched wilderness of K’gari. Our curated list of the best Fraser Island accommodation options is designed to guide travellers seeking to extend their journey from the coastal elegance of Noosa to the idyllic, unique experiences that K’gari’s retreats have to offer.

Award Winning Resorts

From the award-winning eco-friendly Kingfisher Bay Resort, nestled near the pristine Lake McKenzie, to the stunning beachfront K’gari Beach Resort along the famous 75-mile beach, your stay promises a blend of comfort and adventure. Dive into a variety of activities, such as swimming in the clear waters of Lake Wabby, exploring the lush rainforests, or taking a 4WD tour to iconic landmarks like Indian Head and the Maheno Shipwreck.

K'gari (Eurong) Beach Resort  with 4wd on the beach
K’gari Beach Resort

Cosy and Personal Getaways

For those seeking a more intimate experience, Fraser Island Beach Houses near Eurong offer serene beachfront, ocean view, and garden spa accommodations, perfect for family-friendly stays or a tranquil Fraser Island retreat. Not to be overlooked, the tranquil Orchid Beach Apartments provide a peaceful sanctuary on the island’s northern tip

Explore K’gari Fraser Island from your Doorstep

Each location offers a fantastic base for exploring, offering accommodation options from cosy hotel rooms to spacious villas and modern coastal houses. Whether you’re cooling off in a swimming pool, embarking on a ranger-led tour, or hiring a 4WD to traverse the island’s rugged landscapes, these Fraser Island accommodations ensure an unforgettable experience.

Maheno shipwreck
Maheno Shipwreck

Embrace the spirit of adventure or the tranquillity of island life in these handpicked retreats, where the wonders of K’gari Fraser Island await at your doorstep.

Kingfisher Bay Resort

On Fraser Island, Kingfisher Bay Resort is a popular eco-friendly retreat for families and nature lovers. It has won awards. This resort near Lake McKenzie has different rooms, from cosy hotel rooms to large villas. You can stay comfortably surrounded by nature’s beauty.

Kingfisher Bay resort swimming pool
Kingfisher Bay resort

Guests can relax and unwind at the day spa or swimming pool. Additionally, they have the option to go for a day of exploring on ranger tours arranged by the resort. This is a family-friendly place to stay on Fraser Island. Kids can participate for free with select packages. At Kingfisher Bay Resort, you can discover rainforests and idyllic beaches, then come back to enjoy a selection of food from its exquisite restaurants.

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K’gari Beach Resort

K’gari Resort is situated on 75 Mile Beach on Fraser Island. The resort provides top-notch accommodation options, activities, and a great base to explore nature. It offers a unique getaway experience for guests.

K'gari Beach resort from above
K’gari Beach Resort

This beachfront haven is perfect for families and groups, providing easy access to Eurong township where you can get petrol or visit the towns bakery. Visitors can choose to wade through Eli Creek or swim in the beautiful Lake Wabby nearby, or get involved with a guided tour to uncover the island’s treasures.

K'gari Beach resort near Eurong Eurong Accomodation

Guests can enjoy the comfort of a coastal house with modern amenities, panoramic ocean views, and the resort’s facilities, making it an ideal base for those seeking adventure or relaxation on the world’s largest sand island.

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Fraser Island Beach Houses

K’gari Beach Houses are located near Eurong on Fraser Island. They offer peaceful stays in two and three-bedroom accommodations. These accommodations include beachfront, ocean view, poolside, family cottages, island cottages, and garden spa houses.

K'gari Beach Houses from above

These homes are conveniently located near popular attractions on the island. The attractions include Lake McKenzie, Eli Creek, and Seventy-Five Mile Beach.

Fraser Island Beach Houses internal, Fraser Island Accomodation - Beach Houses
Fraser Island Accomodation – Beach Houses

The homes are fully equipped and offer a comfortable stay for guests. Guests staying here can easily explore the world’s largest sand island. K’gari Beach Houses offers helpful tips for sand driving and fishing. If you are seeking adventure or relaxation, these beach houses on K’gari Island will work for you.

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Orchid Beach Apartments

The Orchid Beach Apartments are situated on the quiet northern tip of Fraser Island. They offer a tranquil retreat surrounded by nature. The apartments are just a short distance away from the beach. These spacious retreats, surrounded by whispering palm trees, come with all the comforts of home, including well-appointed kitchens, cosy living areas, and private balconies or patios equipped with BBQs for al fresco dining under the stars.

Orchid Beach Apartments

Explore Ocean Lake for swimming. Walk to Waddy Point for stunning views. Visit Orchid Beach Trading Post & Driftwood Bar to meet locals. Enjoy the clear waters, beautiful scenery, and community atmosphere.

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Kingfisher Bay Water Views

Overlooking the tranquil waters of K’gari Island (Fraser Island). This Kingfisher Bay holiday home is a luxurious getaway. It has air-conditioned rooms, a private pool, garden views, and a patio overlooking the water and sunset.

Fraser Island

This place to stay on Fraser Island is extremely comfortable. It has a balcony and an outdoor dining area. Five bedrooms, two bathrooms, and a kitchen are in the house. The property ensures a memorable stay with free WiFi and private parking.

water and sunset views of kingfisher bay

Visitors can 4WD around the island, discovering beautiful places like Lake Birrabeen, Lake Benaroon, and Lake McKenzie. They can also relax at the Island Day Spa and Sunset Bar, and walk through the Central Station Rainforest. This vacation rental has an indoor play area and a on-site mini market. A great place to stay while exploring the island’s beautiful attractions.

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