Noosa Cycling

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Image Source: Dave Gleeson

When in Noosa, we highly recommend leaving the car behind and exploring this beautiful area on two wheels. Noosa caters to cyclists of all skill levels, offering a diverse range of tracks, from serene coastal paths to lush tropical rainforest trails. For those seeking more thrill, challenging mountain biking routes and varied terrains await exploration.The gorgeous natural environment creates the ideal backdrop to any bike ride.

Noosa Cycling - noosa classic
Image Source: Dave Gleeson

Surf and river cycle tracks

The River Ride Route

This 13km return route offers a peaceful ride along the Noosa River, starting from Noosa Heads and finishing at the Tewantin marina. It’s an opportunity to soak in the picturesque scenery, complemented by the local flora and fauna. As you cycle, the eastern beaches reveal their charm with stretches of white sand, making it a unique way to experience Noosa’s beautiful coastline.

The Surf Beaches trail

23km return trip from Peregian Beach to Noosa Junction, which follows the coast and allows cyclists to remain on a bicycle track away from traffic. During the winter months, you may even be lucky enough to see migrating humpback whales as you pass by.

For more information about cycle tracks and trails, try this helpful cycle map, which covers Noosa Coast and Hinterlands.

Wooroi trails

For the mountain bikers amongst us, Mt Tinbeerwah in Tewantin National Park is not to be missed. Your adventure begins with breathtaking 360-degree views, showcasing both the ocean’s vastness and the hinterland’s untouched wilderness. Afterward, the journey continues along the Wooroi trails, where the beauty of the sub-tropical rainforest awaits your discovery. The trails are graded by difficulty level and there is something for everyone’s mountain biking ability.

For more information about the Wooroi bike trails, here’s a helpful trail map.

The Noosa trail network

The Noosa Trail Network spans over 100km, offering a rich tapestry of the hinterland’s beauty. You’ll encounter everything from breathtaking lookouts to lush national parks. The journey also takes you past cozy country pubs, perfect for a refreshing stop. Designed for all skill levels, these trails are a paradise for mountain bikers, bushwalkers, and horse riders alike. The trail networks aren’t just for mountain biking but bushwalking and horse riding, too.

For more information about the Noosa trail network click here.

Cycling events in Noosa

Before planning your Noosa visit, it’s wise to check the local event calendar. The area is known for hosting a variety of exciting cycling events, from family-friendly gatherings to the world’s largest triathlon. You can even test your skills on the 40km tri course. After departing from Noosa Heads, you’ll make your way along the lovely river, past Lake Macdonald, and venture towards the delightful hinterland town of Cooroy. For more information about events, try our Noosa Events article.

Noosa Cycling - Noosa classic
Image Source: Dave Gleeson

Alternatively, an array of guided tours are available, showcasing the best of cycling in Noosa for those who can’t decide where to go. If you can’t bring your bike with you, take advantage of hiring mountain, road, electric or children’s available bikes.

Exploring Noosa on two wheels is an exhilarating way to experience its stunning landscapes, from lush national parks to pristine beaches. Here are two top-notch bike tour companies that promise adventure, scenic beauty, and a touch of local flair.

Eco Pedal Adventures

For an immersive biking experience in Noosa, Bike On and EcoTekk E-Bikes stand out as prime choices, each offering distinctive tours to match various interests.

Bike On (www.bikeon.com.au) invites you to explore Noosa’s less-travelled paths with guided and self-guided tours. They cater to all, from thrill-seekers desiring mountain bike adventures to those preferring serene rides through iconic locales. Their tours traverse National Parks and rainforests and offer panoramic vistas, ensuring a memorable journey. Suitable for families and riders of all ages, Bike On ensures comfort with high-quality e-bikes, making every tour customisable to fit your holiday vibe.

EcoTekk E-Bikes (www.ecotekk.com.au) offers a green alternative with solar-powered electric bikes, bringing the beauty of Noosa and the Sunshine Coast closer with minimal environmental impact. Their service includes convenient on-site delivery and pickup, ensuring a seamless start to your adventure. EcoTekk’s e-bikes promise an engaging ride, making uphill climbs and breezy headwinds manageable for all fitness levels. By choosing EcoTekk, you contribute to sustainability while enjoying a rejuvenating ride that rekindles the spirit of youth and adventure.

Both Bike On and EcoTekk E-Bikes deliver unforgettable Noosa cycling experiences, allowing you to discover the natural charm of Noosa in a way that best suits your style and pace.